Who won the 400 IM in the 2012 Olympics?

Who won the 400 IM in the 2012 Olympics?

Ryan Lochte
Swimming at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men’s 400 metre individual medley

Men’s 400 metre individual medley at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
Winning time 4:05.18
Ryan Lochte United States Thiago Pereira Brazil Kosuke Hagino Japan
2016 →

What is a 400m individual medley?

The 400m IM combines all four stroke disciplines. In the order of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle the individual medley is competed at the 200 and 400 level at the Olympic Games.

How many people were at the London Olympics?

The London 2012 Games were centred around the Olympic Park in East London, which is the site of a number of new sports venues. Up to 180,000 spectators a day entered the Park to enjoy the Games, making it the principal focus of Olympic activity.

Was the London Olympics a successful project?

Time Perspective: In a nutshell, the London Olympics 2012 project was completed successfully on time. The high-quality stadium of Stratford which has a seating capacity of 80000 was completed in time. Also, the last major venue of the Olympic Games was completed almost a year ahead of the project (Ruddick, 2011).

What is the fastest 100 butterfly time?

49.45 seconds
TOKYO, July 31 (Reuters) – Caeleb Dressel of the United States won the gold medal in the men’s 100m butterfly in a world record time of 49.45 seconds at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday.

How do I prepare for 400?

Negative Split – The single best racing advice for a first timer in the 400 IM is to focus on negative splitting each 100 of the strokes in the race. Your goal should be to negative split by time the final three 100s, and to negative split by feel all four 100s.

Why was the London Olympics so successful?

They were undoubtedly well resourced, but many aspects of the Games were successful because of the planning and testing behind the scenes including crowd movement and transport planning, in which Movement Strategies played a major part. We continue to be proud of our role in making the London 2012 Games such a success.

How was the London Olympics sustainable?

Recycled rainwater and “zero waste” In total, Games organisers saved the equivalent of 400,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide thanks to their sustainable practices, while 100% of Games operations waste was diverted from landfill, with 62% of that waste being reused, recycled or composted.

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