What is cat LTE?

What is cat LTE?

LTE Cat 1 is a medium speed LTE standard designed for more feature-rich IoT applications that require higher data speeds. LTE Cat 1 is the lowest cost LTE category that still has the required speeds to support data streaming and full mobility.

What are the different LTE categories?

LTE UE category definitions

User equipment Category Max. L1 datarate Downlink (Mbit/s) Max. L1 datarate Uplink (Mbit/s)
2 51.0 25.5
3 102.0 51.0
4 150.8 51.0
5 299.6 75.4

What is a cat1 device?

LTE Category (Cat) 1 offers lower complexity and greater efficiency for a variety of use cases, including fleet management, usage-based insurance (UBI), vending machines and voice-enabled healthcare IoT devices. It is available worldwide and allows for seamless global roaming.

What is cat in mobile network?

Cat 9 is short for Category 9 and refers to the capability of your mobile to support certain types of networks. The higher the number, the faster the theoretical download and upload speeds to and from your device.

What is cat M1?

Category M1, or Cat M1 wireless (sometimes also abbreviated LTE-M) is a low-power wide area network (LPWAN) cellular technology. Cat M1 was designed specifically for IoT projects, with an average upload speed between 200 kbps and 400 kbps.

What is CAT 1 bis?

The LTE Cat 1 bis is a wireless communication standard that allows IoT devices to adopt single antenna designs while reserving the same level of network capability.

Is the LTE Cat 13 compliant with 3GPP?

LTE Category 13 is compliant with 3GPP Release 12. Downlink physical layer parameter values for LTE Cat.13: * Maximum number of DL-SCH transport block bits received within a TTI: 391632

What are the uplink parameters for LTE Cat 13?

Uplink physical layer parameter values for LTE Cat.13: * Maximum number of UL-SCH transport block bits transmitted within a TTI: 150752 * Maximum number of bits of a UL-SCH transport block transmitted within a TTI: 75376

What do you need to know about LTE Cat M1?

LTE Cat M1 is part of the 3GPP Release 13 release standard, which also defines narrowband Internet of Things (NB‐IoT or LTE Cat NB1) as LPWA technology in licensed spectrum. 2. What Time is the LTE Cat M1 Technology Released

What kind of band is LTE Band 13?

LTE Band 13: This band was previously used for broadcasting and has been released as a result of the “Digital Dividend.” The duplex configuration is reversed from the standard, having the uplink higher in frequency than the downlink.

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