What does Breaking Benjamin song about?

What does Breaking Benjamin song about?

It is about Revelations a book in the bible, or simply call it Tribulation. The album talks about the sun shutting down like it says in the bible 1/3 of the sun will become dark. In addition about war. Also in Angels Falls it talks about when Satan/The Beast swipes his tail into the sky and 1/3 of the stars fell down.

What songs are Breaking Benjamin known for?

So Cold. Breaking Benjamin. Peaked at #2 on 9.3.2004.

  • I Will Not Bow. Breaking Benjamin. Peaked at #1 on 11.27.2009.
  • The Diary Of Jane. Breaking Benjamin. Peaked at #2 on 9.29.2006.
  • Breath. Breaking Benjamin.
  • Angels Fall. Breaking Benjamin.
  • Never Again. Breaking Benjamin.
  • Failure. Breaking Benjamin.
  • Until The End. Breaking Benjamin.
  • Who writes music for Breaking Benjamin?

    Benjamin Burnley

    Benjamin Burnley
    Known for Frontman of Breaking Benjamin
    Children 1
    Musical career
    Genres Alternative rock hard rock alternative metal post-grunge

    Is Breaking Benjamin religious?

    My thoughts on Breaking Benjamin and religion, their overall narrative, and the potential story of Ember. Not so much Christian, but Benjamin is the songwriter and he believes in God, just not organized worship.

    When did Breaking Benjamin release their first EP?

    Fabbri put their song “Polyamorous” in rotation, and he also financed the recording of their self-titled debut EP — which, in 2001, ended up selling about 2,000 copies in and around Wilkes-Barre.

    Who was the radio host for Breaking Benjamin?

    In 2001, Breaking Benjamin’s Wilkes-Barre gigs caught the attention of a local radio DJ named Freddie Fabbri, who was an on-air personality at alterna-rock station WBSX-FM.

    Why did Breaking Benjamin leave the band Lifer?

    According to Breaking Benjamin’s press releases, the ex-members of Lifer had so much faith in Burnley’s songwriting talents that they were willing to take a gamble and uproot themselves.

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