Who is the White meme guy?

Who is the White meme guy?

Drew Scanlon
It originated in 2013, when Blinking White Guy was just Drew Scanlon, a video editor at gaming site giantbomb.com. He regularly appeared on video podcast show Unprofessional Fridays, as he did on that fateful day in 2013.

Who is the guy in the Excuse me meme?

Drew Scanlon’s
You’ve seen Drew Scanlon’s face — it’s been a favorite on social media for years.

What is the Cary Elwes meme from?

The Princess Bride
Hall or Cary Elwes from The Princess Bride. (“Nope, that’s just my dumb face.”) The GIF comes from a live stream shot in 2013, when Scanlon was a video producer at the popular gaming website Giant Bomb.

What happened to the meme guy?

personality Juan Joya Borja, best known in America as the “Spanish Laughing Guy,” has died. Borja was 65 years old and died after what Spanish newspapers described as a “long illness.” He’d been hospitalized in 2020.

Who is the magikarp guy?

Josh Saunders AKA
15 Minutes: Josh Saunders AKA Magikarp Guy | S1 E3.

Why do I feel the need to squeeze my eyes shut?

Blepharospasm is the term used to describe involuntary movements of the eyelids. In its more severe (rare) form, the person experiences squeezing and closure of the eyelids – this is the condition that doctors generally refer to as blepharospasm or benign essential blepharospasm (BEB).

Why are Wojaks so popular?

NPC Wojak has gained online notoriety. The meme gained media attention, initially in Kotaku and The New York Times, due to its usage in parodying the herd mentality of American liberals. This usage of the meme has been attributed to Donald Trump supporters.

How did KEKW died?

The KEKW man’s cause of death was attributed to long-term illness and failing health. His hospitalization was deemed necessary when his health noticeably began deteriorating, and the only potential cause of this medical strife that has been shared is that he experienced vascular issues.

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