Can you visit El Questro Homestead?

Can you visit El Questro Homestead?

Daily tours collect guests from El Questro Emma Gorge, El Questro Station and El Questro Homestead. With 700,000 acres to explore, we understand that figuring out where to start may be difficult – so we have designed the must do experiences and some suggested itineraries to inspire you.

How much does it cost to stay at El Questro?

Adults Families (2 adults and up to 3 children under 15 years old). Additional children are $9 each.
Private Riverside Bush Camping $32 per adult per night $80 per family per night
Station Tents $175 per tent per night (maximum occupancy: 2 people) N/A

Is Road to El Questro sealed?

The entrance to El Questro is accessed mainly via sealed roads, it’s worth noting that the gravel driveway that takes you into El Questro Station is unsuitable for 2WD or low-clearance 4WDs.

Can you visit El Questro for the day?

Daily tours collect guests from El Questro Emma Gorge, El Questro Station and El Questro Homestead. If self-guiding adventures are your thing – simply collect a map from reception, or have a chat with a Ranger who can assist you with your personal adventure.

Is there phone reception at El Questro?

There is no mobile phone reception at El Questro Station (a payphone is available for guest use, phone cards can be purchased from the Station Store). Wi-Fi can be purchased online with a credit card whilst at El Questro.

Is there crocodiles at El Questro?

There are no crocodiles in the close swimming holes to the station. You won’t be attacked walking between your camp and the station.

Are there crocodiles in El Questro?

Yes, there are crocodiles in the Kimberley, and most certainly some at El Questro. The fresh water variety are usually timid and do not pose a threat to humans unless you physically annoy them. The salt water crocodiles on the other hand are another kettle of fish.

Has El Questro been sold?

A one million-acre Kimberley wilderness property bought 14 years ago for $1 million by an Old Etonian has been sold for $17.4 million. General Property Trust has bought Will and Celia Burrell’s El Questro resort and like its other tourism assets, El Questro will be managed by Voyages Hotels & Resorts.

Are there crocs at El Questro?

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