How do I change the language on supremacy 1914?

How do I change the language on supremacy 1914?

Under “My Languages”, you can choose the languages you are working on (hold CTRL while selecting them to select more than one language). These languages will then be displayed on your dashboard for easy access. You should also select “Supremacy 1914 Redesign” and “Supremacy 1914 Website” as Page 2 “My Projects”.

How long does a game of supremacy 1914 take?

Supremacy 1914 is played in single matches (or ‘game rounds’) which may take two to eight weeks to finish and pit up to 500 players against each other in real-time combat.

How do you make a Supremacy 1914 game?

To create a game, click on the “+”-button on the upper right. After choosing a game title (mandatory) and adding a description (optional), you can select from the following game options.

How do you increase your score in Supremacy 1914?

in Supremacy 1914 building up your providence increase your score. Good to know that in 1942 it doesn’t. However, building up buildings does increase your points that trail you from game to game as it increases your economic score.

What is the best country in Supremacy 1914?

Choosing a Country Good countries to start with would be South USA, North Canada, Libya, Arabia, and North Russia, although this will vary on your playing style. South USA and North Canada each have 1 neighbour, and they can focus all their firepower on that neighbour.

What are fortresses in Supremacy 1914?

Fortressesare an extremely important and cheap upgrade for your provinces. They provide a morale bonus to your people and a defensive bonus to your troops which rise with the level of the fortress.

Are Railguns good Supremacy 1914?

Railguns, though not the most powerful weapon in the game, are the most powerful Artillery piece with a range far superior to the standard Artillery and the sea-faring Battleship. Due to this slow movement, Railguns are best used for static defense in fortresses. …

What do barracks do in supremacy?

Barracks train infantry over time more rapidly than recruiting offices, for 1000 grain and 500£ per day. Barracks are a more elite form of Recruitment Offices, but they come with a price – their 1000 grain consumption per day (40/h) can make them inaccessible for many nations.

Can you play Supremacy 1914 with friends?

Strategists can play private rounds with friends or against competitors from all around the world, completely free of charge. Already more than 4.5 million players have registered for this strategy game by Bytro. Supremacy 1914 won the Audience-Award in the Browser Game of the Year-election.

How do you win battles in supremacy 1914?

The target should be an AI country or an inactive player. Mobilize enough troops to invade the country, move them all to a province near the enemy border. Balance the resources so you save as much grain and oil as possible, and make sure your wood and iron are balanced. Build Recruiting offices in each province.

What happens when you take a capital in Supremacy 1914?

When you take the capital each territory previously owned by that country will get a 10% morale bonus instantly. A good human player will spend his money to sabotage you while you are doing this, so grab his capital quickly.

What is a workshop in Supremacy 1914?

Workshop is a building available from day 1 and can be upgraded to level 2. It has the shortest contruction time of all buildings, 15 seconds for level 1 and 30 minutes for level 2. Workshops do not offer any production bonus, and only enables the production of armoured cars.

How to create a game in Supremacy 1914?

To create a game, click on the “+”-button on the upper right. After choosing a game title (mandatory) and adding a description (optional), you can select from the following game options. Each game of Supremacy 1914 comes with certain basic settings which are shown directly in the list of new games or in the game preview on the right-hand column.

What was the attack power of Supremacy 1914?

Perhaps the most important thing about Supremacy 1914 and its armies is that army attack power does not increase in a linear fashion. It is capped at around 50 per category, and above this figure attack figures remain the same—thus an army of 50 infantry has the same attack as 500.

Who is Ryan Thomas from Supremacy 1914 game?

Ryan Thomas is a university student with an extensive interest in history that heavily influences his gaming preferences. I have grown to really despise Supremacy 1914, in a curious blend of hatred married to addiction with nothing but contempt for the subject.

Where does the gameplay take place in supremacy?

Gameplay takes place on historical maps and is all about managing your economy, directing your armies to expand your territory, and forming coalitions with other players in order to fulfil the victory condition of the match. Unit commands and productions will be executed even when you are offline.

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