Which is the best fuel card in UK?

Which is the best fuel card in UK?

The top 5 fuel cards for your small business in the UK

Fuel card Best for… Star rating
Allstar One Best for truckers ★★★★★
BP Supercharge Best for larger fleets ★★★★★
UK Fuels Fleetone Best for fleet management add-ons ★★★★★
Texaco Fastfuel Best for fuel budgeting ★★★★★

How do I choose a fuel card?

Here are some of the key things to consider when it comes to choosing a fuel card:

  1. Vehicle type. The first thing to think about when comparing cards is the type of vehicles that make up your fleet.
  2. Fuel type.
  3. Branded or non-branded.
  4. Coverage and location.
  5. Spending controls.
  6. Other benefits:
  7. Hidden costs.
  8. Administration.

What are the benefits of a fuel card?

Just some of the benefits of fuel cards are as follows:

  • A quick and convenient way to pay for fuel.
  • Increased security and a safer alternative to carrying cash.
  • Tighter control of business expenses.
  • Streamline mundane admin processes.
  • Increased flexibility for refuelling across a huge network.

How much tax do you pay on fuel card?

Use of a fuel card for business purposes is not classed as a taxable benefit. That said, if a person uses the card to cover the cost of the fuel for personal travel, the company is liable to tax charges.

How can I make money with a fuel card?

The first primary source of how fuel card companies make money is merchant rebates. The fuel network says to the gas station owner, if you accept our fuel card can you rebate a 1-4% back on every fuel purchase to the fuel card company.

What fuel cards do Asda accept?

Asda Fuel Card FAQs Asda doesn’t accept the UK’s major fuel cards but you can use your cards at other supermarket forecourts. You can use the fuelGenie card, Texaco Fastfuel card and some other great fuel cards at supermarket petrol stations.

Which fuel card is best?

The 9 best fuel card providers in 2021

Fuel card provider Recommended as Star rating
Shell Best for range of services ★★★★★
Allstar Best for small businesses ★★★★★
Texaco Best for rural areas ★★★★★
EDC Best for international businesses ★★★★★

Which diesel card is best?

Top Fuel Credit Cards in India – 2021

Credit Card Variant Joining Fee
Bank of Baroda Prime Credit Card NIL
ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card Rs.199
BPCL SBI Credit Card Rs.499
HDFC Bharat CashBack Credit Card Rs.500

How does the fuel card work?

Fuel cards work by allowing company individuals to fill up at petrol stations within our network. Instead of paying with cash or credit/debit cards, the company employee simply presents the card to the cashier. The company is billed directly and the employee can collect a receipt as proof of purchase.

Is the 76 universal fuel card accepted at gas stations?

The 76 Universal Fuel Card is accepted at more gas stations than the Shell and ExxonMobil cards and includes about 45,000 gas stations (90% of United States gas stations). However, out of these 45,000 locations, rewards are only available at 7,600 locations.

What can a fuel card be used for?

A fuel card is a credit card most commonly used to buy gasoline, diesel, and other fuels at gas stations. It can help business owners manage their company vehicles and provide online expense tracking, discounts, and rewards.

Which is the best fuel card for small business?

We’ve compared national and regional fleet company gas cards to bring you the seven best fleet fuel cards for small business. The top seven fuel card companies are WEX, Fuelman, ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Arco and Comdata. The best commercial fuel cards for small business: WEX.

Where can I use my universal fleet card?

Fuel Anywhere with a Fuel Card Universal fleet cards are accepted at any major U.S. gas station, and over 45,000 service locations. No need to plan routes around where to fuel, or drive miles out of the way to find the right station. We even help your drivers find the cheapest nearby fuel.

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