What country is Seedorf from?

What country is Seedorf from?

Clarence Seedorf/Nationality

How old is Seedorf?

45 years (April 1, 1976)
Clarence Seedorf/Age

How many UCLS does Seedorf have?

#12: Clarence Seedorf (Ajax, Real Madrid, AC Milan) — 4 (1995, 1998, 2003, 2007) The Dutch midfielder is the only player to have won the Champions League with three different clubs, winning his last two with AC Milan.

How tall is Seedorf?

1.77 m
Clarence Seedorf/Height

Did Seedorf coach AC Milan?

Ex Milan legend and coach Clarence Seedorf has released an interviewed for Fox Sports offering some interesting details about his past as AC Milan coach. However Seedorf insists that he did a good job when he took charge of AC Milan: “I think the squad did well when I was in charge.

What is the meaning of Seedorf?

German: habitational name from any of numerous places so named, from See ‘lake’ + Dorf ‘village’.

Which clubs did Seedorf won Champions League with?

Clarence Seedorf (Surinam) has won the Champions League with a record three different clubs: Ajax (Netherlands), Real Madrid (Spain) and AC Milan (Italy).

Which player has the most UCL trophies?

Iconic Real Madrid left-winger Paco Gento currently holds the record of the player in possession of the most UCL titles, having won six trophies during an illustrious 18 years at the Santiago Bernabeu.

How many UCL did Ronaldo win?

The Portuguese player has won the Champions League five times – four times with Real Madrid and once with Manchester United….Number of domestic trophies won by Cristiano Ronaldo as of 2020, by competition.

Characteristic Number of titles
Champions League 5
FIFA Club World Cup 4

Who is Clarence Seedorf and what is his name?

Clarence Clyde Seedorf ( Dutch pronunciation: [ˈklɛrəns ˈseːdɔrf] ( listen); born 1 April 1976) is a Dutch professional football manager and former player. Regarded by many as one of the best midfielders of his generation, in 2004, he was chosen by Pelé as part of the FIFA 100.

Who is Clarence Seedorf of the Netherlands national team?

Clarence Clyde Seedorf (born 1 April 1976) is a Dutch football player. He plays for Botafogo and Netherlands national team . ↑ Strack-Zimmermann, Benjamin.

When did Clarence Seedorf start playing for Botafogo?

Seedorf playing for Botafogo in 2013. On 30 June 2012, Seedorf signed a two-year contract with Brazilian club Botafogo. The veteran midfielder made his debut with the club on 22 July against Grêmio. On 5 August, Seedorf scored his first goal for Botafogo, curling in a free kick against Atlético Goianiense.

When did Clarence Seedorf become coach of Milan?

Managerial career. Seedorf was appointed the new head coach of Milan on 16 January 2014, terminating his contract with Botafogo early in order to take on the managerial role, with Milan languishing in 11th in the Serie A table.

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