Is Stampy still making videos in 2020?

Is Stampy still making videos in 2020?

He eventually announced the return of the Lovely World series in 2020, with episode 659 being uploaded on 19th August 2020. The series then went on hiatus again as Stampy caught up with recording videos. The series started up again on 10th February 2021.

Why did Lee leave Stampys world?

He denied the allegations in a future statement he posted on his YouTube and Gyazo accounts on 25th May 2018. This caused him to leave the Lovely World series, as he did not want to destroy Stampy’s reputation as a family-friendly YouTuber and his success.

Why did Stampylongnose change to stampylonghead?

History. The channel was named after “stampylonghead”, a character he created in one of his projects. He did not had an idea why he named it to “stampylongnose” instead. To focus on his final year of university, Joseph announced that he would upload less videos on the channel.

What is Stampylongnose most popular video?

Stampy’s Most Viewed Videos (Top 10 per channel)

  • Sinking Feeling – 60M+ views.
  • Ocean Adventure – 50M+ Views.
  • Massive Cruise Ship – 47M+ Views.
  • Pumpkin Party – 36M+ Views.
  • Stampy – Youtube Channel Trailer – 2013 – 36M+ Views.
  • The Final Contestant – Part 4 – 35M+ Views.

How old is Stampy’s nose?

30 years (December 13, 1990)
Joseph Garrett/Age

Is Jen back with Pat?

In their announcement video from 2019, Pat and Jen revealed that they split up because “they both deserve to be happy.” The split was also to do with the possibility of starting a family, with Pat stating: “Jen does want to have kids, I do not want to have kids.

Who is LionMaker?

Marcos Wilton
Marcos Wilton (born: July 7, 1988 (1988-07-07) [age 33]), better known online as LionMaker and LeoMaker, was a former Belgian Minecraft YouTuber. He is mostly known for his sexual abuse, including interacting with underage fans until his channel was terminated. Marcos came back to YouTube in January 2019.

How old is Popularmmos?

32 years (November 25, 1988)

Where is Stampy today?

Garrett went to Southampton Solent University and lives in Hampshire in the UK.

Is Stampylongnose married to Sqaishey?

Real Life. In real life, Sqaishey is in a relationship with Stampy which started not long after the Sky Den series began, and on 28th July 2018, they announced that they are finally engaged. They eventually got married on the exact day the following year. They own a house together.

How old is Technoblade?

22 years (June 1, 1999)

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