What trees can you drive through in California?

What trees can you drive through in California?

Redwood trees, located on the Redwood Coast in Northern California, and giant sequoias, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, are the only trees big enough to drive or walk through.

Can you still drive through the giant sequoia?

Sequoia National Park You can no longer drive through the two most famous standing giant sequoias, as they have fallen down. You can, however, drive through a fallen giant sequoia that has a tunnel cut through it. It is called the Tunnel Log and is in Sequoia National Park, in Giant Forest, close to Crescent Meadow.

What happened to the tree you could drive through?

One of California’s famous ‘drive-through’ trees toppled by winter storm. The Pioneer Cabin tree in central California’s Calaveras Big Trees State Park fell during a storm Sunday and shattered upon impact, park rangers said.

What state has the tree you can drive through?

Only on the Northern California coast EUREKA, Calif. — Not one but three giant redwoods offer motorists the opportunity to steer their wheels through a living tree. All are right off US Highway 101, known as the Redwood Highway, within an hour or so drive of the historic seaport of Eureka.

Can you drive through the redwood tree?

Yes. You can drive your car through a Redwood tree. In fact, there are three that are still alive and available for your driving pleasure – for a fee. And, fair warning, larger vehicles may not make it through any of these trees even with your mirrors in.

Where are the California red wood trees?

Redwood, also known as Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), grows in a very narrow strip along the coast of California from the extreme southwestern corner of Oregon to 150 miles south of San Francisco in the Soda Springs drainage of Big Sur.

Can you still drive through a redwood tree in California?

Only three drive-through Redwood Trees remain today: the Shrine Tree, Chandelier Tree and the Tour Through Klamath Tree, all of which are privately owned attractions on the Redwood Coast. These drive-through trees are hugely popular and an awesome photo stop while passing through Northern California!

Where is the giant redwood tree you can drive through?

It is in the Tuolumne Grove in Yosemite National Park. You can drive through a tunnel cut into a fallen giant sequoia tree in Sequoia National Park.

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