What can you do in Aspire Zone?

What can you do in Aspire Zone?

The visitors will be able to enjoy a good walk or jog, over its 88 hectares, which offers all possible amenities: children’s play area, jogging track, football pitches, fountains and green areas and even chirping sounds of bird played through speakers placed inside the park to keep the visitors feel at one with nature.

What is the biggest park in Qatar?

Aspire Park
Aspire Park is located in Aspire Zone, in the southern district of Baaya in Doha, Qatar. It covers an area of 88 hectares and it is Doha’s biggest park.

When did Aspire Zone open?

Owned by the Aspire Zone Foundation, it was established as an international sports destination in 2003 and in the following year an educational centre for the development of sporting champions (Aspire Academy) was opened.

Can we play football in Aspire Park?

All about Aspire Zone public fields | Life In Aspire. When is the Best Time of the Day to Exercise? If you like to play football, basketball or volleyball, and you can’t find a place to practice, you can come with your friends and enjoy playing team sports at one of the public fields in Aspire Zone.

Where can I Picnic in Doha?

Top Picnic Spots To Visit In Doha

  • Aspire Park. Aspire Park.
  • MIA Park. Mia Park.
  • Hotel Park Doha. Hotel Park Doha.
  • Al Bidda Park. Al Bidda Park.
  • The Al Wakrah Park.
  • Dahl Alhamam Garden.
  • Al Khor Park.
  • Barzan Olympic Park.

Which is the best Aspire Zone in Qatar?

Set within Aspire Zone, Villaggio is the most sought after destination in Qatar for top of the line luxury brands. With 1460 m², accommodating 700 men and 150 women for prayer, the Aspire Mosque incorporates the most appropriate form and architectural finishes.

What to do in Aspire Park in Doha?

Aspire park is a family park for sports and running activities. If you’re single man it’s highly likely that you will be asked to leave the area. Coffee shops in the park are good and the ponds with the ducks and the fountains give you a nice feeling.

Can you play cricket in Aspire Park in Qatar?

Yes thats true. Aspire Management and Management of anlot of parks in Qatar allow only football and not cricket. Thats probably because football is considered less dangerous for the onlookers or revellers than cricket. Plus football enjoys the status of being the most popular sport in thencountry which isalso hosting FIFA 2022!

Which is the biggest park in Doha Qatar?

The Aspire Park is the biggest park of Doha, located in the Aspire Zone that covers an area of 88 hectares. Unique and most popular spot in the whole of Doha, for somebody who wants to unwind and have fun.

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