Was burning train a hit or flop?

Was burning train a hit or flop?

05 / 25 The Burning Train was a big flop in cinema theatres, although the movie created some challenging shots with limited special effects in 1980s. Vinod disagrees as it leads to derailing at such a speed then he favours the incline built by Rakesh.

Is the burning train a copy?

Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna, Jitendra starrer film The Burning Train was a remake of the original Japnese film Shinkansen Daibakuha (1975). After that there were many films which went ahead and copied the film to different extent.

Is burning train real story?

The story of the film is centred around a train, the way it was in the original. The 1980 film was based on a newly launched superfast express that ran between Delhi to Mumbai. However, the train catches fire on its inaugural run due to a bomb-blast and that turns the lives of its passengers upside down.

When was burning train released?

March 20, 1980 (India)
The Burning Train/Release date

Who is the director of the burning train?

Ravi Chopra
The Burning Train/Directors

When did Hema Malini get married?

1980 (Dharmendra)
Hema Malini/Wedding dates

The two got married in 1980. Dharmendra was already married at the time. Dharmendra already had two sons and two daughters with his first wife, two of whom later became Bollywood actors Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. Malini and Dharmendra have two children, Esha Deol (born 1981) and Ahana Deol (born 1985).

How old is Prakash Kaur?


Parkash Kaur
Born 19 September 1919
Origin Lahore, British India
Died 2 November 1982 (aged 63)
Genres Folk, Filmi

The Burning Train is a 1980 Indian Hindi -language action thriller disaster film, produced by B. R. Chopra under the B. R. Films banner and directed by Ravi Chopra.

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What was the plot of the burning train?

The plot revolves around a train named the Super Express, that catches fire on its inaugural run from New Delhi to Mumbai. This movie was inspired by an earlier Japanese disaster movie, The Bullet Train (1975). The Burning Train grossed ₹65 million, becoming the seventh highest-grossing Indian film of 1980.

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