How often should you change Elixir guitar strings?

How often should you change Elixir guitar strings?

Elixir strings use Nanoweb, Polyweb, or Optiweb as a protective coating. Each type will offer something different while protecting strings and allowing longer use. On average strings should be changed every 100 hours of playing, in other words about every 3 months.

How do you know if Elixir Strings are real?

The fake Elixir’s got a glossy look and feels squeaky to the touch, whereas the real Elixir felt extremely smooth from the matte finish and looks really sleek. Another difference is the shade of the purple. Real thing’s got a darker shade of purple while the fake’s got a brighter and plasticky purple.

Is nanoweb or Polyweb better?

The nanoweb coating is very thin, virtually invisible, feels and sounds more natural, and the string tone is far superior. The polyweb coating is too thick, feels too slick, the coating is visible with a somewhat milky color, and to my ear it has a muffling effect on the tone.

How do I know when my guitar strings need changing?

5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Guitar Strings

  1. Your guitar strings won’t stay in tune. Most of the time, tuning problems with guitar strings occur either with brand new strings, or old ones.
  2. Your guitar’s tone is dull.
  3. Your guitar strings are discolored.
  4. Your guitar strings feel stiff.
  5. Your guitar strings feel dirty.

How long do Elixir strings last in package?

Coated guitar strings, like the Elixir electric and acoustic string sets, are known to last and hold their tone for around six to nine months or even longer.

Does elixir make their own strings?

That being said, Elixir doesn’t actually make the string itself, they just apply the coating. They get their strings from various manufacturers.

Do you have to change elixir guitar strings?

However, Elixir strings will keep the tone quality regardless if you play the guitar or not for a longer period than regular strings. This will allow you to postpone changing them until you feel that their tone is no longer what it used to be. The second factor is whatever the player sweats during the session or not.

How much does a pack of Elixir Strings cost?

Buying strings in packs of 3 or more can lower the costs of each pack. Elixir strings are not different from other brands. But sometimes you can find such a good deal when an Elixir set of strings will come close to a regular set of strings like the one I found of 3 packs of Elixir strings for $25

What kind of conditions does Elixir string work in?

Elixir Strings can withstand wildly fluctuating temperatures, and even the worst of humidity. Our strings deliver consistent performance no matter the environment.

How to contact Elixir Strings in Elkton MD?

North America & Other Regions. Elixir Strings W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. 201 Airport Road Elkton, MD 21921, USA Phone: + 1 800 367 5533 + 1 410 506 1806 Fax: +1 410 506 7692.

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