What does 12M mean in shoe size?

What does 12M mean in shoe size?

medium width
The “M” stands for medium width of the shoe. The sizes are standard for women. Therefore, you should order your normal shoe size.

What size is 12M?

Size Height (inches) Weight (kg)
3M 21.5 – 24 3.6 – 5.6
6M 24 – 26.5 5.6 – 7.4
9M 26.5 – 28.5 7.4 – 9.2
12M 28.5 – 30.5 9.2 – 11.1

What size is 12M toddler?


Size Age
Hats/ Caps 6 – 12M 6 – 12 months
12 – 24M 12 – 24 months
2T – 3T 2 – 3
4T – 5T 4 – 5

What size is 12M in UK?

Clothes Size Chart

Age Range Child’s Height (in inches) U.K. Size
6–9 Months 27–29 9m
9–12 Months 29–31 12m
12–18 Months 31–34 12m
18–24 Months 34–36 18–24m

What size is 9M in shoes?

Women’s 9M is a size 9 medium (or “regular”) foot width. Size 9W is for a WIDE foot, so there is more width room in the wide part of the shoe in the 9W than in the 9M. A size 9N would be for a narrow foot.

What does Eee mean in shoe size?

The letter after the shoe size is the width. As far a women’s shoe goes W = women and they are usually B for regular sizes and A is narrow. In the men’s M = medium (regular) E= wide Then there is EE = extra wide as well as EEE and EEEE.

What does 9M mean in shoe size?

Is 1T the same as 12 months?

Yes. The difference between 1T and 12 months is the way it’s made. For example if the 12 month old is not walking yet it’s best to get 12 months it’s easier to slide a shirt off the shoulder and down where as 1T is not made like that.

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