How much power does EFI Live Add to Duramax?

How much power does EFI Live Add to Duramax?

Gain up to 120+ HP over stock, tow your toys effortlessly, and rapidly increase acceleration. Tuning engineered for optimal efficiency.

Can you switch EFILive on the fly?

The CSP5 Switch mounts inside your 2006-2018 Dodge 6.7L Cummins and allows you to switch your EFILive CSP5 Tuning “on-the-fly”. By adding the CSP5 switch to your EFI Live tuned Cummins, you can change tunes on the fly.

Does EFILive have delete tunes?

EFILive doesn’t have support for deletes with the EFILive-provided . calz files, so they are either buying a deleted base file or have built . cax files for deletes. Well that might be but it doesn’t sound like someone is selling them unlocked deleted tunes.

Does EFI Live delete EGR?

They can sell tunes still, however they cannot be EGR delete tunes.

Can you switch EFILive tunes while driving?

Total flexibility to switch on the fly while driving between all five of our emissions in tact custom tunes for your 2004, 2005 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra. No need to plug in a clunky box to re-flash your truck to change tunes.

Does EFILive come with tunes?

Premium Member. EFILive is just a software that takes the ECM parameters and enables “you” or a “tuner”(person that manipulates the parameters) to change them and flash them back into the ECM. EFILive does not build performance tunes or even tune them selfs. The only provide the software.

Is there an efilive for the LML Duramax?

PPEI is proud to announce our release of EFILIVE for the 2011-2015 LML Duramax. We know that many have been asking for this time and time again, and it’s finally here. With the addition of EFILIVE to our tuning arsenal on the LML, we are able to better tune in drivability, as well as some monster combinations that are soon to hit the streets.

Do you need to download a tune for EFI live?

ALL EFI Live Autocal devices come preloaded with the customers specific tune to avoid the hassle of having to download EFI live and load the tune yourself. Detailed instructions come with every tune from how to download a simple file onto your autocal, to how to load the tune onto your vehicle.

How to read a Duramax 2011-16 LML controller?

1 Factory read restriction prevents reading Duramax 2011-16 LML (E86A and E86B) controllers. Users must obtain a base file. 2 2017+ E98 controllers require additional Controller Authorization code to navigate ECM security before reading and flashing is possible.

What do custom tunes do for Duramax trucks?

Programmed with 5 custom tunes for Duramax trucks with Stock/Built Transmissions, Stock/Built Turbos and Stock/Built Injectors. This device allows you to clear and read out diagnostic trouble codes. It also allows you to data log your trucks performance. Best balance of power, reliability and mileage on an unloaded truck.

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