How do you say hello in Sheng?

How do you say hello in Sheng?

niaje (NEE-ya-jay): “Hello” in Sheng.

Who is maramu in English?

Relatives by Marriage Maramu* – My Wife’s Sister Mūthoni Wakwa – My In-law Plural: Athoni Akwa – My In-laws – These are members of my Wife’s Family (Her Mother, Father, Brother(s)…..) plus Relatives.

How do you say morning in Kikuyu?

A collection of useful phrases in Kikuyu (Gĩkũyũ), a Bantu language spoken mainly in the Central Province of Kenya….Useful phrases in Kikuyu.

Phrase Gĩkũyũ (Kikuyu)
Good morning (Morning greeting) ngeithi cia rũcinĩ
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) ngeithi cia mũthenya
Good evening (Evening greeting) ngeithi cia hwainĩ
Good night koma wega

How do you say hi in Maasai?

In Maa language you can greet a Maasai women by saying “yeyo, takwenya!” and the Maasai woman will reply you “iko”!

What is Kuomoka in Sheng?

Kuomoka- (Verb) [ koh-oh-moh-kah ] Be the first to say something about Kuomoka. Meaning : Being rich. Use : Nadai kuishi life yangu kila idhaa nikiwa ma kuomoka = I would like living my life always being rich. Period: Unknown. Related to: Wealth, Finance, Cash.

What is Mjulus?

Mjulus- (Noun) [ mjoo0l00s ] = Snap!

How do you say sister in Kikuyu?


Who is cousin in Kikuyu?

Binamu is the term for a cousin of any gender.

Is the Kikuyu language similar to other languages?

The Kikuyu language is also similar to other languages like Meru, Mbeere, and Embu which are believed to have been once part of the Kikuyu tribe but moved away and formed their own tribes.

What kind of greeting do Kikuyus use?

Kikuyus from Nyeri, for instance, have other forms of greeting including: “Wakia Maitu” greeting an elderly female, “Wakia Awa” greeting an elderly male, and “Wanyua” for agemates.

How many vowels does the word Kikuyu have?

kikuyu has seven vowels: a,e,i,ì,o,u and ù. a-pronounced as a in the word about. e-pronounced as e in enter. i-pronounced as i in inn. ì-pronounced as a in ate. o-pronounced as o in omit.

What do you call a dog in Kikuyu?

The rule is that the word must end in a vowel. In Kikuyu a dog is called Ngui (CV), and Uga (VCV) means “say.” In phonemics, “NG” is a single phoneme rendered with two graphemes. The English CVC structure is not possible in Kikuyu but can work in Luo.

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