How many members of parliament are there in Sierra Leone?

How many members of parliament are there in Sierra Leone?

The Sierra Leone parliament consists of 146 members, of which 132 members are directly elected from across Sierra Leone’s 16 districts, while 14 are paramount chiefs appointed from the 14 rural districts.

Who was the first female member of parliament Sierra Leone?

By now Sierra Leone had become a one-party state and their campaigns were unsuccessful. 1978 saw Nancy Steele as the sole woman to stand for parliament in the general election.

Who is the current Speaker of the House of Parliament in Sierra Leone?

Abass BunduSince 2018
Sierra Leone/Speaker
Incumbent. Abass Bundu The Speaker of the House of Parliament of Sierra Leone is the presiding officer of Parliament of Sierra Leone. The speaker is the overall leader of Parliament, and is directly elected by sitting members of the House of Parliament of Sierra Leone.

How many districts are there in Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone is divided into four first-order administrative divisions (ADM1); three provinces and one area (Western Area). These are sub-divided into 14 districts at second-order level (ADM2).

When was Freetown house built?

The Parliament Building, a monumental structure, was built by the Israelis; Its Chamber was opened by His Royal Highness, the Duke of Kent on the 26th April 1961, eve of Sierra Leone’s Independence….COMPOSITION OF THE FIFTH PARLIAMENT AS AT 19th APRIL, 2018.

Political Parties Number of Seats Won
Percentage 11%

How many Tories are there in Parliament?

House of Commons composition

Affiliation Members
Elected Current
Conservative 365 360
Labour 202 199
SNP 48 45

What are the 16 district of Sierra Leone?

The provinces of Sierra Leone are divided into 16 districts, as of July 2017….List of districts.

District Kambia
Capital Kambia
Area km2 (2013) 3,108
Population (2004 census) 270,462
Population (2015 census) 345,474

Which is the biggest district in Sierra Leone?

Koinadugu District
Koinadugu District is by far the largest district in Sierra Leone and with an estimated population of 265,765.

How many chiefdoms are there in Sierra Leone?

The districts of Sierra Leone were divided into 149 chiefdoms of chieftaincies until 2017, as listed below as of 2011. Since 2017, they have been divided into 190 chiefdoms.

How many members of Parliament are there in Sierra Leone?

The Sierra Leone Parliament has a total number of 124 MPs including the 112 elected through the first-past-the post electoral system and the 12 Paramount Chiefs, one from each of the twelve districts. This is in compliance with section 74 (1) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone and in line with tradition inherited from colonial rule.

Who is the Speaker of the House in Sierra Leone?

The parliament is led by the Speaker of the House; the position is currently held by Abass Bundu of the Sierra Leone People’s Party.

Who are the members of the Executive Council of Sierra Leone?

The Executive Council constituted the following: the Governor, the Chief Justice, Queen’s Advocate (Attorney-General), Colony Secretary and the Officer Commanding Troops. These were known as the Official Members. The unofficial members were known as Charles Heddle, a European African and John Ezzidio a Sierra Leonean.

Who is responsible for making laws in Sierra Leone?

Parliament of Sierra Leone is the legislative branch of the government of Sierra Leone. It is principally responsible for making laws.

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