How much does a wooden garage door cost?

How much does a wooden garage door cost?

Depending on quality, a 7 by 8-foot wood garage door can cost from $970 to $1,470. The labor cost for 5.4 hours of installation is between $340 and $410. Wood doors require specialized equipment and supplies, such as miter saws and sanders, adding another $80 to $120. The total cost ranges from $1,390 to $2,000.

Can garage doors be wood?

Wood options include Cedar (choose between Dark, Light, or Mixed), Meranti, Fir, or Redwood. Decorative hardware and windows are available, but optional on these doors.

How thick are wooden garage doors?

1 3/8″ thick
Raised Panel Wood Garage Doors are constructed of 1 3/8″ thick solid wood rails and stiles and are available in a variety of carved designs for the raised panels.

Can you put wood veneer on garage door?

Old garage door to new wood garage door. Thin wood veneer sheets or wood panels cut to fit, stained and sealed very well (make sure to get all edges). Stray paint metal on door. Make sure garage motor is strong enough or wood is light enough and won’t weigh it down.

Can you reskin a garage door?

GarageSkins will allow any homeowner with a standard metal overhead garage door to add the look of a real wood carriage house door in under an hour and for less than $1000. There is no alteration necessary to your existing garage door; you simply attach the magnetic panels and enjoy the look of your new door.

How long does a wooden garage door last?

Wood garage doors can last 15 to 30 years. Wood garage doors look more appealing, but they don’t last as long as steel and aluminum doors. Wood garage doors are built from several layers of wood, which prevents warping.

What kind of wood is used for garage doors?

The Traditional Wood Collection Flush Panel wood garage doors offer smooth full panel designs to complement the architecture of many styles of homes. The Model 3200 (444) garage door features paint-grade smooth plywood exterior and interior. These doors come natural and unfinished, however you can select an option to receive primed.

What do faux wood garage doors look like?

These doors feature: 5-layer construction: steel + insulation + steel + composite cladding + composite overlay. Faux wood-look composite cladding and overlay materials are molded from actual wood pieces to reproduce the natural texture and intricate grain patterns of the species they emulate.

What kind of material are Canyon Ridge garage doors made out of?

Clopay Canyon Ridge ® Carriage House (5-Layer) garage doors take inspiration from the coach house designs of yesteryear and bring them to life with today’s technology. These doors are constructed with steel for strength and durability, and molded composite materials for beauty and realism.

What should I look for in a garage door?

When picking the best garage door for you, a good place to start is with material type. Most garage doors are made from either wood, steel or fiberglass. These three materials are strong, durable and each have their unique benefits at various price points.

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