Is Malagasy a difficult language?

Is Malagasy a difficult language?

For native speakers of any European language like English, French or German, the Malagasy language can seem incredibly complicated and with very few similarities to the languages that we are used to.

Is Malagasy a language?

Madagascar/Official languages

Do they speak English in Madagascar?

The official languages of Madagascar are Malagasy and French. Madagascar is a Francophone country, and French is spoken among the educated population of this former French colony. English was removed as an official language from the constitution approved by voters in the November 2010 referendum.

How many Malagasy dialects are there?

The vocabulary consists of 200-item Swadesh word lists for 23 dialects of Malagasy from all areas of the island.

What kind of loanwords do Malagasy people use?

Malagasy also includes numerous Malay and Javanese loanwords, from the time of the early Austronesian settlement and trading between Madagascar and the Sunda Islands. After c. 1000 AD, Malagasy incorporated numerous Bantu and Arabic loanwords, brought over by new settlers and traders.

Is there a way to translate Malagasy text to English?

Malagasy to English translator is a FREE language converter to translate texts, documents, sentences, phrases, web pages. Now you can start to translate Malagasy to English from your mobile device or tablet! Type the phrase you want to translate and press the Translate button.

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Is the Merina dialect the national language of Madagascar?

The Merina dialect of Malagasy is considered the national language of Madagascar. It is one of two official languages alongside French in the 2010 constitution putting in place the Fourth Republic. Previously, under the 2007 constitution, Malagasy was one of three official languages alongside French and English.

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