What is worksoft Certify?

What is worksoft Certify?

Worksoft Certify® is an automated software testing solution that is easier to learn, faster to deploy, and more efficient to maintain than traditional tools. Certify automates functional testing across all enterprise applications and interfaces, and it validates critical business processes to assure that they work.

What is the latest version of Worksoft Certify?

Worksoft Certify® 11 Release Offers Premier Scalable Continuous Automation Platform for Modern Web, Agile and DevOps Environments

  • Premier Agile-plus-DevOps Support for Enterprises.
  • Modern Web Testing for Business Process Assurance.
  • Continuous Testing at Scale for Complex Enterprise Applications.

What is worksoft execution manager?

Worksoft Execution Manager gives users the control to schedule and run Worksoft Certify tests whenever they want at scale across multiple machines simultaneously and enable continuous testing. Challenge: Repetitive regression tests that need to be run frequently usually tops the list when it comes to test automation.

Is worksoft open source tool?

because the application is open source, it works on many platforms (Windows, Linux, IOS) without any problems. In addition, it gives us a lot of options for writing functional tests.

What is certify impact?

Certify Impact™is an automated risk-based testing solution that can identify, recommend, and execute end-to-end process tests based on a set of proposed SAP GUI application changes and their relationships to critical business processes.

What should the GUI settings be for Worksoft Certify?

SAP GUI Settings for Worksoft Certify – Part – 1. Before you start building your processes in Certify, you must set up your SAP environment to work with Worksoft Certify. The SAP GUI needs to be configured to support the script recording and playback feature of the Certify SAP Learn (Live Touch) utility.

What kind of ERP does certify impact support?

Currently, Certify Impact only supports SAP ® S/4HANA ® and SAP ® ERP Central Component (ECC). The Worksoft Execution Suite Installation Guide provides information on how to:

How to create a test configuration in SAP Solution Manager?

To create a test configuration: 1 Log on to SAP Solution Manager. 2 Type in the transaction code sm_workcenterin the Command field. The SAP Solution Manager Workcenter opens. Creating a Test Configuration in SAP Solution Manager 10 Worksoft Certify Integration with SAP Solution Manager User Guide

How to certify test processes in Solution Manager?

Certify test processes are linked to test configurations and test scripts in Solution Manager. From Solution Manager, you can: Create new Certify processes Edit existing Certify processes Execute Certify processes by invoking Certify for execution Review test results

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