What does Northrop Grumman do in Maryland?

What does Northrop Grumman do in Maryland?

Testing, manufacturing, integrating, inventing — Northrop Grumman engineers do all this and more in Baltimore, home to one of the largest sites across our company.

What does Northrop Grumman make in Baltimore?

Northrop Grumman Corporation employees with the job title Senior Embedded Software Engineer make the most with an average annual salary of $131,104, while employees with the title Computer Systems Analyst make the least with an average annual salary of $68,519.

When did Westinghouse become Northrop Grumman?

NGES had originally been created by Northrop Grumman’s acquisition of Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group in 1996.

Does Northrop Grumman own Westinghouse?

Northrop Grumman Corp. said yesterday that it completed its $3.6 billion deal to buy Westinghouse Electric Corp.’s Linthicum-based defense and electronics systems business. Kent Kresa, Northrop Grumman’s chairman, president and chief executive, said last month, “We do not see any major layoffs due to this acquisition.”

What does Northrop Grumman Mission Systems do?

Northrop Grumman Mission Systems is a technology leader in open, cyber-secure, software-defined systems for defense and intelligence applications across multiple domains.

Who founded Northrop Grumman?

Jack Northrop
Northrop Corporation/Founders
Our organization’s history goes well beyond the companies founded by Jack Northrop and Leroy Grumman. Today’s Northrop Grumman is a result of the integration of over 20 pioneering companies from across the aerospace, technology and defense industries, each with their own unique history of Defining Possible.

Where is Northrop Grumman headquarters?

Falls Church, Virginia, United States
Northrop Grumman/Headquarters

Who is the CEO of Northrop Grumman?

Kathy Warden (01 Jan 2019–)
Northrop Grumman/CEO

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