Is the Pac-Man logo copyrighted?

Is the Pac-Man logo copyrighted?

As far as I know they are copyrighted. The Pac-Man video game source and object code were registered with the U.S. Copyright Office by Commonwealth Toy and Novelty Company, Inc. and Bally Midway Manufacturing Company in 1982, as was, in a separate registration, all derivative works based on Pac-Man.

Is Pac-Man copyright free?

Pac-Man trademark and copyright—and retro hardware maker AtGames—which has now purchased the separately held royalty rights to the game. Bally Midway retained the copyright and trademark rights to the game and its characters, though, which Bandai Namco eventually reacquired in the intervening years.

Is it legal to make a Pac-Man clone?

You can copy all of gameplay without any issues at all. That is not copyrightable or enforceable. The things that matter are assets – art, sound, music, video, etc. For example if you take ZX game and clone it with your own assets you will be perfectly fine doing that.

Is Pac-Man fair use?

According to a statement by the Seattle Department of Transportation shared on the post, the use of imagery from the popular Pac-Man game was all made possible by fair use.

Is Pac-Man in public domain?

Pac-Man is still covered by copyright, and has not reverted to the public domain. Exhaustively sourced proof: Pac-Man was created in 1980.

Can I put Pacman on a shirt?

In regards to original works of art, it is usually allowed to use existing IP under freedom of expression. But once you reproduce the art on a t-shirt, it ceases to be art (legally) and becomes merchandise.

Is Pac-Man free domain?

Who owns the rights to Pac-Man?


North American sales flyer
Developer(s) Namco
Publisher(s) JP/DE: Namco NA/FRA: Midway
Designer(s) Toru Iwatani

Can you get sued for recreating a game?

You recreating a game isn’t going to cause the owners of that game to lose any money – assuming your copy isn’t pirated – and therefore there’s no money to sue you over. If you distribute it though, the owners may see that as a threat to their sales.

Can you get sued for copying a video game?

Game design is pretty much one giant incestuous ball of borrowing, and, honestly, is better for it. Keep in mind that you can be sued for anything, even if you’re not breaking any contracts or laws, and they might win.

How long does a video game copyright last?

In the US, the standard is Life + 70 years, or for works for hire, 95 years from publication date or 120 from creation date, whichever is shorter. Note that there would be a greater debate as to whether game are works for hire or some other, more beneficial definition.

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