How much does a Irish Cob horse cost?

How much does a Irish Cob horse cost?

How Much Do Irish Cobs Cost? Irish Cobs are costly horses, so get ready to toss out a few years’ worth of savings. The average price for one of these beauties is around $12,000. Of course, certain factors can influence prices, such as breeding, training, and age.

How long do Irish cobs live?

Life Span of Gypsy Cobs: The Gypsy Cob is a long lived breed which is slow to reach physical maturity. A well looked after Gypsy Cob can live well past 20. One mare in England destined for the slaughter house was rescued and went on to win a La Trek at 29 years of age.

Are Gypsy Cobs good for riding?

Cobs are one of the most popular riding horses in the UK. They are hardy, versatile, able to turn their hoof to most things from low level dressage and eventing, to winning at the Horse of the Year Show, or to driving and hacking along roads and trails.

How much is a Gypsy Cob worth?

What is this? Twelve thousand five hundred dollars is the average price for a Gypsy Vanner Horse. These are expensive horses. However, just like with any other breed, you may be able to find one for a more reasonable price.

What do you call a gypsy horse in Ireland?

The Gypsy horse is also known as the Gypsy Cob, Traditional Cob, and Traditional Gypsy Cob. Another term is Irish Cob, although historically that term was applied generally to all-round ride and drive cobs in Ireland, not just those belonging to travelling people.

Who are the owners of the Gypsy Horse?

In 1996, Dennis and Cindy Thompson introduced the traditional cob type into the USA, named it the Gypsy Vanner and created a breed registry. Worldwide recognition for the Gypsy Horse had begun. There are now several registries worldwide, and height and breed standards vary from country to country.

How old is Gypsy Vanner the Gypsy Horse?

Six-year-old Gypsy Vanner Mare (3/4 Gypsy x 1/4 Percheron). She walks, trots under saddle well, needs canter finishing. She is a quick learner, calm…

What to do with Sailor the Gypsy Cob?

Sailor is a fun, forward cob who can turn his hoof to anything, from happy hacking, showjumping or driving. This lad is a fantastic driving pony that level can drive. He has proven to be a sweet talented boy and would thrive in a family/pony club home.

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