Does PlanGrid work with Android?

Does PlanGrid work with Android?

PlanGrid is pleased to provide mobile apps for both Android and Apple tablets and phones. That way you can use your preferred device, and still have access to all of your plans anywhere you go. Further information on the Windows app can be found here: Getting Started with Windows.

What is PlanGrid software used for?

PlanGrid is a venture capital-backed company based in San Francisco, California that creates construction software for the iPad, android tablets, iPhone, and Windows in the construction industry by allowing field workers to store, view, and communicate with construction blueprints.

How do I sync PlanGrid?

On Android: tap the menu button (3 vertical dots OR physical button, depending on model) and then choose “Sync status”. This is the synchronization queue which shows the status of individual sheet, document, and data downloads to your device, as well as the status of uploads from your device to the PlanGrid cloud.

How do I use PlanGrid offline?

To Use PlanGrid Offline: Make sure your project is downloaded onto your device. Projects listed as “On Device” will be available without Wi-Fi. Projects under “In The Cloud” will not be. ​​For information on downloading projects to your iOS device, go here.

What are PlanGrid layers?

What are markups filters/layers? Layers are available on all of the PlanGrid apps – iOS, Windows and Android. To mark up your plans or share them without the clutter of too many markups, you can organize those markups into different layers and filter their visibility while viewing the sheet.

Who uses PlanGrid?

Who uses PlanGrid?

Company Website Company Size
Tourneau, LLC 500-1000
Coupa Software Inc 500-1000
Zendesk Inc 1000-5000
Presidio Inc 50-200

Is PlanGrid cloud based?

With over 150 million digital blueprints on its cloud-based platform, PlanGrid is also the largest digital blueprint repository in the world.

Does PlanGrid work on Surface Pro?

Get everyone on the same page, across any device—now including Windows laptops, desktop computers, and tablets (including Surface).

Is PlanGrid app free?

PlanGrid Build is the free mobile app that comes with Autodesk Build, our new, all-in-one field, project and cost management tool for builders.

How do I access PlanGrid?

Logging in on the mobile app

  1. Once you’ve download the PlanGrid app to your Android or iPad, tap the icon to open.
  2. Next, tap on Sign In on iOS, or Log In on Android.
  3. Finally, enter the same email and password you use to log in on the web, and tap Sign In on iOS, or Login on Android.

How do I create a layer in Plangrid?

Tap the tool, and draw a path over the markups you want to select. When at least one markup is selected, the menu to select layers will appear. 2. You can either choose to add the selected markups to a new layer, or tap one of the existing layers to add the markups to that layer.

How do I install PlanGrid on my phone?

To install the app on your tablet or phone: 1 Open up the App Store on your iOS, or the Google Play Store on your Android. iOS Android 2 Search for “plangrid” (all one word), and then tap on the correct PlanGrid result. iOS Android 3 On iOS, click the cloud to download the app to your device. On Android, tap “Install”.

Is there an app for Medicare Part A?

Download the only official U.S. government Medicare app onto your mobile device. What’s covered helps you understand the health care coverage offered by Original Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance). – When are mammograms covered?

Is the Premera app compatible with Medicare Advantage plans?

Note: For 2021 plans, the Premera app supports only those who get coverage through their employer. The Premera app doesn’t currently support information for our Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement customers, or for those who bought an individual or family plan through Washington or

How big of a project can I manage with PlanGrid?

Here are our mobile device recommendations for usage with PlanGrid. These apply to iOS, Android, and Windows tablets: 32 GB Nailgun, Dozer Small – Medium sized projects with a duration of two years or less. 64 GB Dozer, Crane Medium – Large Projects (+10M) User managing lots of projects.

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