Is Victory 8 Ball a good bike?

Is Victory 8 Ball a good bike?

2013-07-17 2013 Victory Vegas 8-Ball Cruisers View Listings Everyone said start with something little like a 650cc but nope, I jumped on this for looks and style and glad I did. The power is completely manageable for a newbie like myself. It’s a great bike, good quality, feels strong and looks amazing.

Is victory a good motorcycle?

Victory motorcycles are great bikes because they offer comfort, performance, and horsepower on a ride that’s smoother than many other big twins. With their low center of gravity and efficient balance, Victory motorcycles handle better than most cruisers. They’re all steel with high build quality.

Who makes the 8 ball motorcycle?

The Victory Hammer 8-Ball is an outstanding cruiser motorcycle that delivers a great riding experience, tremendous value and styling that could only come from Victory. The Hammer 8-Ball has a sporty, high-cut rear fender that shows off the bike’s signature 250mm rear tire.

How many cc is a victory 8 ball?

Victory Vegas 8-Ball

Make Model Victory Vegas 8 Ball
Capacity 1634 cc / 100 cu-in
Bore x Stroke 101 x 102 mm
Cooling System Air / oil
Compression Ratio 9.8:1

Is it worth buying a used Victory motorcycle?

They are getting a superior product at an affordable cost and wouldn’t be expecting much in retained value. Ride it for a few years then sell it off again for $3,000.00 isn’t much different than a lot of other bikes out there as far as $$$ goes.

What is the difference between victory Vegas and Jackpot?

The Vegas and Jackpot are the same bike from the tank forward. Everything from the seat back is different including the exhaust. The Vegas’s frame matched the motors color black or silver depending on the year until this year. The Jackpot frame matches the tins.

Will Victory motorcycles go up in value?

The fact that Victory’s don’t have a high resale value can be a good thing. You can buy a used Victory which is just as good as a new one for a fraction of the price and you still have a bike that can hold its own or surpass anything else on the market.

Why did Victory motorcycles fail?

Victory was profitable for a number of years (beginning in 2002) but failed to turn a profit three of its last five years, due to a lack of sensible investment in the brand, preferring to release new model years with no changes to successful models other than paint, and poor investment choices in electric and three …

Did Victory go out of business?

Victory Motorcycles was an American motorcycle manufacturer with its final assembly facility in Spirit Lake, Dickinson County, northwestern Iowa, United States. It began production of its vehicles in 1998, and began winding down operations in January 2017.

Will Victory Motorcycles go up in value?

Are victory Parts still available?

Models in production at closing time will still have parts available but expect them to be non painted and such as time goes on. Accessories on the other hand you are stuck with only used or the few aftermarket things still available. So it’s good to try finding a bike with most stuff you want on it.

What’s the difference between a victory hammer and a victory jackpot?

The Hammer will provide better handling and braking with it’s front end. The Jackpot is more of a cruiser with the tall, skinny front tire – I like the styling better. I ride a JP though the winding Ozark hills with no handling issues, but a Hammer can take the turns faster.

How many miles does a victory 8 ball motorcycle have?

Unique Vegas 8Ball with Kingpin rear fender. Has stage 1 exhaust, custom handlebars, Victory windshield, saddlebags, and many other personalized accessories. The bike has been lowered about 3/4″ but can easily be returned to normal height with original links. Bike only has approximately 13,500 miles.

Is the Victory Vegas 8 Ball a cruiser?

2014 VICTORY Vegas 8-Ball, The Victory Vegas 8-Ball is an outstanding cruiser motorcycle that delivers a great riding experience, tremendous value an… 2014 Victory Motorcycles® Vegas 8-Ball® Gloss Black, DON’T SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR?

What’s the price of a 2013 Victory Hammer 8 ball?

2013 Victory Motorcycles® Hammer 8-Ball® Solid Black, Plus $598 in fees. 2013 Victory Motorcycles® Hammer 8-Ball® Solid Black A BLACKED-OUT FAT T… 2013 victory hammer 8 ball . Will trade for 150k or less Tacoma , Dakota small truck. 817-219-7306 Text or leave, message will return calls ….

Which is the most popular victory Custom Cruiser?

The most popular custom cruiser in Victory history gets the blacked-out treatment that makes it a stealthy, understated gem. The ultimate value on the cruiser market, it delivers outstanding performance and it’s the ultimate black canvas, ready for your personal custom treatment.

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