How much is Superfighters Deluxe?

How much is Superfighters Deluxe?

All game modes can be enjoyed in offline singleplayer, online multiplayer, or shared-screen local multiplayer with up to 4 players. Superfighters Deluxe also packs a powerful Map Editor, fighter customization, and much more! Superfighters Deluxe will release for $12.99 on Steam, with a discount planned for launch week.

Is Superfighters Deluxe online?

Superfighters Deluxe is a chaotic 2D brawler-shooter-platformer in which various gameplay systems interlock to create absurd action movie chaos. It contains several game modes that can be played in singleplayer, online, or local multiplayer.

How old is Superfighters?

It is a 2D platform shooter, filled with chaos and unpredictable outcomes and gameplay. Superfighters is an action platformer game, That was released in 2010 by MythoLogic Interactive, The game was finished in 2011 and was published in Newgrounds for July 21, 2011.

How do you dive in Super Fighter?

Diving. Diving is performed by pressing the down button while sprinting. Diving will continue until you hit the ground or get hit by an explosion. Diving covers less distance than jumping, but you take no fall damage as long as you are doing it.

Who created super fighters?

MythoLogic Interactive
Superfighters Deluxe/Developers

How many people do you need to play superfight?


Designers Jack Dire
Publisher Skybound Games
Release date 2015
Players 3 – 10
Age range 10+

Is Superfighters a flash game?

It was created on Adobe Flash and featured Stage Mode, 1-2 Player Mode and Survival Mode.

What are the four corners of a Kimbo board game?

The four corners, start areas, are enclosed boxes with two exits each that hold your 4 pawns, one in each corner. The middle nine squares comprise a large box with four entrances. The goal of the game is to get all four of your pawns into the middle box (home).

How big is a Kimbo full size camper?

welcome to kimbo Campers. Our team of machinists and engineers love the outdoors and want to spend more time, comfortably, in the wilderness. Currently in production with our 6 foot campers for mid and full-size trucks, we are also developing an 8 foot camper for the longer beds of full size trucks to be introduced in 2020.

Is the game Superfighters 2 a fighting game?

Superfighters 2 is an upgraded version of the game Superfighters. Like its original version, Superfighters 2 is a fighting game.

What happens when you roll doubles in Kimbo?

Upon hitting either the pawn moves at a 90 degree angle from the obstacle. If you land on an opposing piece by exact count you send it back to any of the start boxes. If you roll doubles you may take one piece and jump an adjoining fence instead of a move.

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