Do fat hippos deliver?

Do fat hippos deliver?

Fat Hippo delivery from Liverpool City Centre – Order with Deliveroo.

What is the Fat Hippo sauce?

What does Fat Hippo sauce taste like? Fat Hippo sauce is our signature namesake sauce and we’re well proud of it! We’d say it’s a tangy burger mayo and offers just the right amount of kick with your burger and even better loaded onto your fries.

When did Fat Hippo Durham open?

Keeping things local, in 2016, Durham welcomed Fat Hippo to their city with the opening of our third restaurant in a gorgeous Grade II listed building on the cobbles of Saddler Street just a stone’s throw from Durham Cathedral.

Who owns Fat Hippo?

director Mike Phillips
Fat Hippo was founded in 2010 by managing director Mike Phillips, who opened the company’s first restaurant in Jesmond after writing his original business plan for the gourmet burger restaurant while still a student at Northumbria University.

Do Fat Hippo do gluten free?

Gluten free or coeliac? No worries, Fat Hippo is here to meet all of your gluten free burger needs. A selection of our vegan burgers are available as gluten free on request!

What is in the fat hippo vegan burger?

We’re talking a southern fried plant based ‘chicken imitation’ patty topped with a heavenly hash brown, vegan cheese, crunchy lettuce, pickles, BBQ sauce and zinger mayo.

Are fat hippo fries gluten free?

We now have dedicated Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan menus available in both The Fat Hippo Underground and The Fat Hippo Jesmond. Keeping all Fat Hippo followers happy.

Are fat hippos vegan?

We’ve designed a whole load of new vegan dishes so the signature Fat Hippo ‘good kind of gluttony’ can be enjoyed by all. It goes without saying, everyone is welcome to eat at Fat Hippo. Meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans and those with food intolerances. The food industry is changing and so have we.

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