Does Box Hill Station have free parking?

Does Box Hill Station have free parking?

Council-metered parking is free in the Box Hill CBD after 6pm every day. For more information on free parking, visit

How much does it cost to park at Edale train station?

The station car park has a very limited spaces – only 20 – and is pay and display….Parking.

Up to 1 hour £1.60
Over 4 hours (maximum 10 hours) £6.00
24 hours £7.00
Coaches and motorhomes 0-4 hours £5.50
Coaches and motorhomes over 4 hours £10.50

How much is parking at Box Hill?

The National Trust car parks in this area do not permit overnight camping or parking. Parking: Non-member parking – £1.50 per hour for first 2 hours; £4 for up-to 4 hours; £6 for 5 hours and above. Members park for free. Coaches must only approach from east side B2032/B2033; parking at summit (charges apply).

How much is parking at Box Hill Hospital?

Public car park fees

Times Fee
30mins – 1hr $10.00
1hr – 2hrs $15.00
2hrs – 3hrs $18.00
3hrs – 4hrs $22.00

Can you park overnight in the Peak District?

Overnight parking is permitted in the Sylvan coach park for coaches, lorries and motorhomes, Edale and Castleton village car parks for coaches and motorhomes. While overnight parking is allowed, customers must leave their vehicles and not sleep in them.

Where do you park when visiting Box Hill?

Box Hill – Main. 200 spaces. 3 minto destination.

  • Box Hill – East. 50 spaces. 8 minto destination.
  • Box Hill – Zig Zag. 10 spaces. 16 minto destination.
  • Box Hill – Stepping Stones. 30 spaces.
  • Ryka’s Cafe Box Hill. 80 spaces.
  • Box Hill and Westhumble Station. 17 spaces.
  • Dorking Station. 332 spaces.
  • Box Hill – Whitehill. 15 spaces.
  • Is it free to go to Box Hill?

    Unlike many other National Trust sites in Surrey, there is no entry fee at Box Hill, however, in line with government advice, visitors will see some changes due to the coronavirus crisis. The toilets are open, however the café, refreshment kiosk and shop remain closed.

    Is Box Hill Hospital private or public?

    Box Hill Hospital
    Care system Public Medicare (AU)
    Type Teaching, General
    Affiliated university Monash University, La Trobe University, Deakin University

    Where can I sleep in the car in the Peak District?

    You should be able to park up overnight at the Monsal head pub as well. The main car park at the back has toilets and is council owned i think and the overnight fee from ticket machine is about £4 iirc.

    Is there underground parking at Box Hill station?

    You can use the underground parking but you WILL need to get there before 7am. More likely around 0620am. It’s a pretty good deal considering its free. Otherwise the above ground parking is as priced. Last I checked you can back along the road from the aquatics centre but that also fills up and its a 1-1.5km walk to the train station.

    Where is the Box Hill miniature railway in Melbourne?

    Welcome to the Box Hill Miniature Railway, located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Surrounded by wonderful parkland and with steam, diesel and even solar powered trains to ride, there’s something for everyone from the young to the young at heart.

    When is the Box Hill Steam Railway open?

    The time shown on your ticket is your train departure time. The Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway is open to the public on the third Sunday of every month (second Sunday in December). Enjoy a journey through picturesque parkland behind one of our locomotives.

    Are there ticket machines at Southern Railway stations?

    All Southern ticket machines are able to sell tickets with Disabled Persons Railcard discounts. Ticket machines are of an accessible design, however their location and the station itself may not be so please check the station access note for further details Oyster cannot be used at this station.

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