How do I get from Shanghai to Hangzhou by train?

How do I get from Shanghai to Hangzhou by train?

Currently, there are over 160 pairs of high speed trains running daily between Shanghai and Hangzhou….Hangzhou to Shanghai Bullet Train Schedule.

Train No. Departure – Arrival Travel Time
G7530 08:39 – 09:38 0h59m
G7508 11:31 – 12:27 0h56m
G7348 13:12 – 14:04 0h52m

How long is the bullet train from Shanghai to Hangzhou?

The Shanghai–Hangzhou high-speed railway (Chinese: 沪杭客运专线 or 沪杭高速铁路), also known as the Huhang high-speed railway or Huhang passenger railway is a high-speed rail line in China between Shanghai and Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The line is 202 km (126 mi) in length and designed for commercial train service at 350 km/h (215 mph).

Is Hangzhou close to Shanghai?

The distance between Hangzhou and Shanghai is 161 km. The road distance is 170.6 km. The best way to get from Hangzhou to Shanghai is to bus which takes 2h 17m and costs ¥70 – ¥80.

How far is Shanghai from Hangzhou by train?

The distance between Shanghai and Hangzhou is 161 km. The road distance is 170.9 km. How do I travel from Shanghai to Hangzhou without a car? The best way to get from Shanghai to Hangzhou without a car is to line 10 subway and train which takes 1h 20m and costs ¥65 – ¥140.

Where is Shanghai high speed train station?

The station is located on Moling Road, Jing’an District, to the North of the city centre. It is governed by Shanghai Railway Bureau and is one of the most important hubs of the railway network in China.

How far is Suzhou from Shanghai by train?

The distance between Shanghai and Suzhou is about 100km (62mi). The 30 minutes’ high-speed train makes it possible to have a day tour from one city to the other. The normal trains are an economy alternative which takes 1-2 hours and costs CNY15.

Where is the largest platform in the world?

The world’s longest station platform is at Gorakhpur Junction in India at 1,355.40 metres (4,446.9 ft).

How do you get from Hangzhou to Shanghai?

A one-hour high speed train from Shanghai Plus 15-minute subway ride in Hangzhou takes you to the core of the scenic Hangzhou – the West Lake Landscape. Daily over 50 high speed trains darting from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Hangzhou East Railway Station and Hangzhou Railway Station ( the old station).

How far is Shanghai from Beijing by train?

819 miles
Distances: Beijing South to Shanghai Hongqiao via the new high-speed line is 1,318 km (819 miles), a little shorter than the classic route, which is 1,454 km (909 miles) from Beijing railway Station to Shanghai station.

Is there a bullet train from Pudong Airport to Hangzhou?

You can take the bullet train in Shanghai hongqiao station, and there are many rides available to Hangzhou. From pudong airport to hongqiao station, you can take the subway line 2 directly, which takes about 2 hours. You can check the schedules on this site.

Where is the train station in Shanghai Hangzhou?

The station is located in the prosperous urban area, close to West Lake, Wulin Square and the clothes market. It is very convenient to get here, either by subway or bus. It is a little far from the city center, but it is connected by subway and city buses, too. Also, it has more bullet trains.

How long is the train from Pudong to Shanghai?

From the South Railway Station: It takes 30 minutes and costs about CNY50. From Pudong International Airport: It takes an hour and costs about CNY170. From Hongqiao International Airport: It takes 40 minutes and costs approximately CNY60. From Nanjing Road: It takes 15 minutes and costs about CNY20.

Where do you get off at Shanghai railway station?

Inside the terminal, there are 2 floors. Passengers taking buses to Shanghai Railway Station will get off at the north square, south square or the bus terminal of the station. If having bought a ticket, enter the station directly with the ID certificate bearing the ticket, and then find the waiting room according to the ticket information.

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