Does Beacon House offer matric?

Does Beacon House offer matric?

Beaconhouse students have consistently produced outstanding Matriculation results with numerous position-holders over the years. Matriculation is a two-year programme culminating in the Class X examination. Most students who pass this examination are 16 years old. …

What subjects are in a Levels in Pakistan?

Courses offered at AS / A Level are Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics; Social Sciences: Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Law, Psychology, Sociology, Thinking Skills; Technology: Computing, Applied Information & Communication, Technology Design & Textiles; Mathematics & Mathematics – Further; Languages: …

Are phones allowed in beaconhouse?

Students and staff are expected to comply with security measures for the safety of all. A Level students may use mobile phones on campus. However, the school will not take responsibility for loss or damage.

Is beaconhouse Co education?

The Beaconhouse School System is a private school system mostly operating throughout Pakistan….

Beaconhouse School System
Motto Seek the Light
Established 4 November 1975
Enrollment Over 315,000 students
Language English-medium education

Is beaconhouse good for A-Levels?

11 A Level campuses secured 1,006 A-stars & As in the Centre region. Campuses with the best overall A Level results in the Centre region are: Beaconhouse Sargodha A Level Campus. Beaconhouse Multan Campus.

Which is better matric or O level?

The grading system of O levels is much simpler than matriculation as it is according to the international grading system. O level learning is considered to be much superior due to its international standards. Matric learning framework, is designed by the local Board in Pakistan.

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