What is black Japan stain?

What is black Japan stain?

Timber Floor Stain & Varnish Black Japan is a one-step, durable protection product to help achieve your dream rich black flooring. This product is oil-based, with a professional clear polyurethane, perfect for interior timber and parquetry floors.

How do you dilute black Japanese?

When floor requires an additional coat of BLACK JAPAN FLOOR FINISH, apply as per the instructions for Previously Coated Surfaces. THINNING In hot temperatures thin with up to 100mls of mineral turpentine per litre to ease application and slow drying.

What is Prooftint?

Prooftint is a unique, fast-drying, spirit-based stain that allows the full clarity of the timber grain to show through after staining.

Why is it called Black Japan?

Japan black (also called black japan) is a lacquer or varnish suitable for many substrates but known especially for its use on iron and steel. It is so named due to the history of black lacquer being associated in the West with products from Japan. It can also be called japan lacquer and Brunswick black.

How do you use Japanese black stain?


  1. Stir Black Japan Floor Finish thoroughly before and during use with a flat blade stirrer, being careful not to introduce bubbles.
  2. If using more than one can of the same colour to complete a job, combine both cans and stir thoroughly.

What is black Japan varnish?

Who owns Feast Watson?

DuluxGroup (Australia)
Feast Watson is a division of DuluxGroup (Australia) Pty Limited (ACN 000 049 427) (Feast Watson). The terms “we”, “us”, “our” refer to the company and any of our affiliated companies.

What is timber primer?

Timber Primer is a wood preserver with added water repellency and inhibits mould growth, making it the perfect choice for your exterior timber or interior damp areas (such as bathrooms). Preparation is key for all DIY projects.

How do you dilute Feast Watson Prooftint?

Mix Ratio: Prooftint Colour Reducer can be mixed with Prooftint at any ratio to achieve the desired colour strenght. 1 part Prooftint mixed with 1 part Colour Reducer will provide approx. half the colour strength of Prooftint undiluted (neat).

What is japanning on a hand plane?

Japanning is a type of finish that originated as a European imitation of East Asian lacquerwork. It was first used on furniture, but was later much used on small items in metal. The word originated in the 17th century.

What did a Japanner do?

Japanning, in the decorative arts, process popular in 18th-century Europe for finishing and ornamenting wood, leather, tin, and papier-mâché in imitation of the celebrated lacquerwork of the Japanese.

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