How long is Robie House tour?

How long is Robie House tour?

This 90-minute tour includes public and private areas of the house and detailed information about the history, design, furnishings, restoration and cultural significance of this American landmark and international icon of modern architecture. Limited to 10 guests.

How much is the Robie House Worth?

The restoration was completed in 2019, costing over 11 million dollars.

What was unique about the Robie House?

Unrelentingly horizontal in its elevation and a dynamic configuration of sliding planes in its plan, the Robie House is the most innovative and forward thinking of all Wright’s Prairie houses.

How much did it cost to build the Robie House?

And at a completed cost of $58,000 – $1.5 million in today’s dollars – it was a lot of money when one considers that the Robies only lived there for fourteen months, before financial problems forced them to sell.

Is the Robie house still standing?

Recently restored to its 1910 condition, it is a National Historic Landmark and in 1991 was designated one of the 10 most-significant structures of the past century by the American Institute of Architects.

Why was the Robie House built?

Robie wanted a house with an abundance of light and great views of the surrounding neighborhood, yet one that also maintained his family’s privacy. He didn’t like small confining rooms and thought that flowing spaces were essential in a well designed home.

Who owns the Robie House?

Robie House was finally sold to Webb & Knapp in 1958. A development firm involved in Hyde Park’s urban renewal, Webb & Knapp purchased Robie House from the Chicago Theological Seminary in 1958; they later donated the house to the University of Chicago in 1962. The University of Chicago currently owns Robie House.

Is the Robie House still standing?

Where was Robie House built?

Hyde Park
Robie House, residence designed for Frederick C. Robie by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in Hyde Park, a neighbourhood on the South Side of Chicago. Completed in 1910, the structure is the culmination of Wright’s modern design innovations that came to be called the Prairie style.

Where was the Robie House built?

How many square feet is the Robie House?

Designed for an entrepreneur, his wife and their two small children, the 9,000-square-foot, three-story building rises from the earth in red-brick-and-limestone slabs like a sheet cake that wants to be a ziggurat.

When was the Robie House completed?

Frederick C. Robie House/Opened

Is there a tour of the Robie House?

Combine a guided interior tour of the Robie House with a self-guided outdoor audio tour that tells the fascinating story of the dwelling in its historic and contemporary architectural surroundings. Together they provide a comprehensive experience and excellent value, allowing visitors to fully understand the evolving significance of Robie House.

Where is the Robie House at the University of Chicago?

The Robie House is located at the corner of Woodlawn Avenue and 58th Street. Street parking on the University of Chicago Campus is extremely limited, we recommend giving yourself ample time to find parking before your tour.

Where is the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House?

Advance reservations are recommended.. Take Lake Shore Drive (US 41) south to the 53rd Street exit. Proceed on 53rd Street to Woodlawn Avenue and turn left. The Robie House is located at the corner of Woodlawn Avenue and 58th Street.

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