Are Jacey and Trent still together?

Are Jacey and Trent still together?

WPLG-Channel 10 morning anchorwoman Jacey Birch has filed for divorce against her husband of three years, former Local 10 weatherman Trent Aric. The move comes in the wake of an ugly incident last month in a parking lot at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood.

Who is Jacey Birch married to?

Bobby Consolom.?–2013
Jacey Birch/Spouse

Is Julie Durda married?

David Radliffm. 2012
Bryan Francism. 2009–2010
Julie Durda/Spouse

Where is Julie Durda from?

Sacramento, California, United States
Julie Durda/Place of birth
A native of Sacramento, California, Julie Durda joined Local 10 with extensive knowledge and experience in meteorology from various parts of the United States. She began her broadcasting career as a traffic, feature and weather reporter in 2003 for KXTV, the ABC affiliate in her hometown.

Where does Jacey Birch live?

Jacey lives in Fort Lauderdale with her 2-year-old son, Jupiter, and their three rescue pups, Simba, Jagger and Radar.

Was Julie Durda a cheerleader?

Local 10 meteorologist was former Gold Rush cheerleader for 49ers. Julie Durda cheers on the 49ers… literally!

How old is Vivian Gonzalez?

38 years (March 23, 1983)
Vivian Gonzalez/Age

What is Julie Durda ethnicity?

Julie Durda Nationality| Ethnicity Julie is an American national by birth. She grew up in Sacramento, California, United States. Thus, she is of white ethnicity/heritage.

What happened to Eric yutzy?

What Happened To Eric? Yutzy currently serves as a morning news anchor and reporter for WPLG News in Maimi, Florida. He joined the station in early 2014. Prior to his work on WPLG, Eric served as a sports anchor and reporter for WTHR news in Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturdays and Sundays.

Who is Jacey Birch married to in real life?

Then, she got married to Trent Aric. The couple is blessed with 1 son named Jupiter. Since the date she got married to Trent, there is not any news published regarding them getting separated or going through a divorce. It seems like that this sizzling weather forecaster and anchor is spending a joyful moment with her family.

Where is Jacey Birch of local 10 from?

Jacey Birch is a traffic and weather presenter for Florida’s Local 10. Jacey is a native of Florida, having been born in North Miami.

Where did Jacey Birch go to high school?

Jacey is a native of Florida, having been born in North Miami. After spending her early childhood years there, her family moved to Broward County when she was ten years old. Jacey’s dad was an outdoor enthusiast & loved boating and fishing. Education : She attended Deerfield Beach Middle & High School.

When did Jacey Birch become a weather reporter?

Birch started her professional career in late 1999 after working for the WBOY Network in Clarksburg, Virginia as a reporter. After that, she worked as a weather reporter for the Virginia network WDBJ. As of now, the reporter is working as an anchor and weather & traffic reporter with Local 10 station since 2009.

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