What channel is Question Period on?

What channel is Question Period on?

Question Period (sometimes abbreviated QP) is a Canadian television newsmagazine which airs weekly, currently excluding the summer months, on CTV Sundays at 11:00 AM ET/8:00 AM PT. It also airs on the CTV News Channel at 5:00 PM ET.

What does Hansard stand for?

Hansard, or Official Report of Parliamentary Debates, is a transcription of everything that is said on the floor of Parliament.

What is the point of question time?

In Question Time members of parliament ask the government to explain its actions and decisions.

Where is Evan Solomon today?

He has been the host of CTV’s political affairs program Question Period since September 2016 and has also been a substitute anchor for CTV National News. In September 2017, Solomon joined CFRB in Toronto for a new national talk radio program, The Evan Solomon Show, that airs on Bell Media radio stations nationally.

Do Canadian cabinet ministers have to be MPS?

It is not legally necessary for Cabinet members to have a position in parliament although they are almost always selected from the House of Commons. From time to time, a senator may be included.

What does the Usher of the Black Rod do?

The Usher of the Black Rod heads a Senate Department office which provides support services to the Senate, Senate committees and senators at Parliament House, and delivers corporate services to the department. The Usher of the Black Rod also undertakes clerking duties in the Senate chamber.

Why do politicians wear a piece of paper over their heads during a division?

However during a division when the bells would ring and members move around the chamber, it would be difficult to attract the Speakers attention. Members would either put on a hat or cover their head with a paper to attract the Speaker’s attention.

What nationality is Evan Solomon?

Evan Solomon/Nationality

When does NASCAR Pinty’s series return to Canada?

The NASCAR Pinty’s Series will return to a full schedule of events in 2021 and crown a series champion. NASCAR has reduced its 2020 schedule in the Pinty’s Series in Canada to three weekends of twin-125 races and will no longer crown a series champion.

Is there a NASCAR race in Canada in 2020?

NASCAR has reduced its 2020 schedule in the Pinty’s Series in Canada to three weekends of twin-125 races and will no longer crown a series champion. Due to the global novel coronavirus pandemic, NASCAR has postponed the opening race of the 2019 Pinty’s Series in Canada.

Who are the sponsors of NASCAR in Canada?

NASCAR announced in September 2006 the purchase of the CASCAR Super Series, the top stock-car racing series in Canada. At the same time, they announced a sponsorship agreement with Canadian Tire Corporation as the entitlement sponsor of the new series.

Who are the drivers in the NASCAR Xfinity Series?

The 2017 series champion, Alex Labbe, Marc-Antoine Camirand, J.R. Fitzpatrick, D.J. Kennington, Gary Klutt, Andrew Ranger, Scott Steckly, Alex Tagliani and Don Thomson Jr. are among a list of drivers who have competed in the NASCAR XFINITY Series. Kennington and Klutt have also competed in NASCAR’s top series, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

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