Which animal population is most in India?

Which animal population is most in India?

The tiger numbers are of animals aged above 1.5 years. India is home to 75% of the world’s tiger population as well as 60% of Asian elephant population….State-wise data.

State Total
Tigers (2018) 2,967
Elephants (2017) 27,312
Leopards (2015) 9,265
Asiatic lion (2020) 674

Which is the latest livestock census in India?

20th Livestock census 2019-All India Report (99.45 MB)

  • District-wise Goat Population (164.82 KB)
  • District-wise Pig Population (148.67 KB)
  • District-wise buffalo population 2019 (122.65 KB)
  • District-wise cattle population 2019 (356.41 KB)
  • District-wise Sheep Population (163.44 KB)
  • How many cows are there in India in 2021?

    India’s cattle inventory amounted to over 305 million in 2021. While the global cattle population stood at over 996 million, India had the highest cattle population followed by Brazil, China and the United States that year.

    Which is the latest livestock census?

    Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying has released the 20th Livestock Census report recently. The release provides key results reflecting the aggregate counts of various species as well as its comparison with the previous census.

    Is giraffe found in India?

    India has around 30 giraffes in 11 zoos in cities such as Kolkata, Mysore and Pune. The massive giraffe enclosure at Alipore Zoo in Kolkata draws the largest crowds. There is no record of when giraffes were brought to India but sculptures exist in temples, including the 13th century Sun Temple in Konark, Odisha.

    How many buffaloes are in India?

    Livestock population in India by Species

    Cattle 155.3 190.9
    Adult Female Cattle 54.4 76.7
    Buffalo 43.4 108.7
    Adult Female Buffalo 21.0 56.6

    Which state has highest pig population in India?

    Assam had the highest pig population across India, at over two million in 2019. Jharkhand ranked second that year, followed by Meghalaya….Indian states with the highest number of pigs in 2019 (in millions)

    Characteristic Pig population in millions
    Assam 2.1
    Jharkhand 1.28
    Meghalaya 0.71
    West Bengal 0.54

    Which state has the largest livestock population in India?

    Among the States, Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of livestock of 67.8 million (68.7 million in 2012), followed by Rajasthan 56.8 million (57.7 million), Madhya Pradesh: 40.6 million (36.3 million) and West Bengal: 37.4 million (30.3 million).

    How many goats are in India?

    Goats constitute 26.40% of the total livestock population and the 19th Livestock Census puts the number of goats in the country at 135.17 million.

    How many sheep are in India?

    Livestock population in India by Species

    Adult Female Buffalo 21.0 55.0
    Total Bovines 198.7 302.3
    Sheep 39.1 74.3
    Goat 47.2 148.9

    What is the livestock population in India?

    Livestock population in India by Species

    Total Bovines 198.7 275.7
    Sheep 39.1 45.7
    Goat 47.2 110.2
    Horses and Ponies 1.5 0.8

    Is red panda found in India?

    The red panda is a small arboreal mammal found in the forests of India, Nepal, Bhutan and the northern mountains of Myanmar and southern China. In India, it is found in Sikkim, western Arunachal Pradesh, Darjeeling district of West Bengal and parts of Meghalaya. It is also the state animal of Sikkim.

    How big is the pet dog population in India?

    Published by Statista Research Department, Mar 24, 2021 The population of pet dogs in India amounted for around 19.5 million in the year 2018. The population was forecast to reach over 31 million by the end of year 2023.

    What was the population of cattle in India in 2019?

    Total Bovine population (Cattle, Buffalo, Mithun and Yak) is 302.79 Million in 2019 which shows an increase of 1.0% over the previous census. The total number of cattle in the country is 192.49 million in 2019 showing an increase of 0.8 % over previous Census.

    What is the population of poultry in India?

    The population of poultry stood at over 851.8 million in 2019 across India, while this number was about 535.8 million for livestock in the same year. Between 2012 and 2019, poultry population grew at an exponential 16.8 percent compared to livestock’s only 4.6 percent. You need a Single Account for unlimited access.

    What is the total number of Pigs in India?

    The total Pigs in the country is 9.06 Million in the current Census, declined by 12.03% over the previous Census. The total Mithun in the country is 3.9 Lakhs in 2019, increased by 30.0% over previous Census.

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