How do you get max stars in Kingdom Rush?

How do you get max stars in Kingdom Rush?

Completing a Heroic Challenge or Iron Challenge gives 1 star.

  1. Exclusive to the Flash version: Buying the Premium Content gives 15 stars. Clicking on the Twitter and Facebook buttons gives 1 star each.
  2. Trivia. You need to get 65 (62 stars on Flash) stars to buy every upgrade on all six trees in the original Kingdom Rush.

How many hearts do you need for 3 stars kingdom rush?

Completing a Campaign level awards stars based on the number of lives left: 18+ lives: 3 stars. 6-17 lives: 2 stars. 1-5 lives: 1 star.

Is there an encyclopedia in Kingdom Rush vengeance?

In Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, the encyclopedia entry is present on Steam only, and the only way to see the Tricks and Tips is to see the loading screen.

Is Kingdom Rush hard?

Levels in Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, and Kingdom Rush: Origins can be played in one of three difficulties: Casual, Normal and Veteran (Easy, Normal and Hard on Flash). The default difficulty is Normal in Kingdom Rush, but it can be selected in Frontiers and Origins.

Where are the 20 lives in Kingdom Rush?

Located in the top corner of the screen next to the Gold counter, the player starts a standard Campaign level with 20 lives. Iron Challenge and Heroic Challenge modes give the layer only 1 single life, whilst the Endless Challenge gives the player 10 lives. Lives are lost when enemies cross the exit.

How many stars do you need for Kingdom Rush?

As Kingdom Rush is available on several different platforms, there are some differences between them that alter game-play. A Premium Package is available. Heroes cost 15 stars to unlock. Only nine heroes are available. The Sunray Tower is present on the level Stormcloud Temple.

How many upgrades do you get in Kingdom Rush?

Upgrades in Kingdom Rush are used to increase the power and effectiveness of towers and spells. There are six upgrade trees, one for each tower type and one for each spell. Each tree has a total of five upgrades. Completing a Heroic Challenge or Iron Challenge gives 1 star. Buying the Premium Content gives 15 stars.

Do you get heroes in Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

In the first ten levels in Kingdom Rush and the first four levels in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, heroes are also not available. Completion of the challenge is rewarded with a Star; in addition, the flag of the respective area on the campaign mode map will gain golden wings.

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