How do you restart a page on a Mac?

How do you restart a page on a Mac?

To refresh or reload a webpage in the Safari web browser on a Mac, you press a simple keyboard shortcut combination: Command + R reloads a webpage in Safari on Mac.

How do I jump to the end of a Word document on Mac?

To the end of the document: Command + End or Command + Fn + Right arrow.

How do you go to page end on Mac?

Press the Command key and the down arrow key to jump to the end of a page, and Command and up arrow to jump to the top of a page. This keyboard shortcut works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

What is Ctrl end on Mac?

FN+LEFT is the equivalent of CTRL+HOME on Windows and FN+RIGHT is CTRL+END, which take you to the beginning and end of a document, respectively.

What is Ctrl F5 on a Mac?

Jan. If you’re reading this chances are you’ve probably already learned that Ctrl + F5 in Firefox on Mac OSX opens the screen reader. Typically in most browsers Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etcetera, Ctrl + F5 hard refreshes the page.

What is the F5 key on Mac?

The Function of Each F Key

Mac Function Keys
F3 Activates Expose view, which shows you every app that’s running
F4 Showcases your apps or opens the dashboard for access to widgets
F5 For back lit keyboards, F5 decreases the keyboard’s brightness
F6 For back lit keyboards, F6 increases the keyboard’s brightness

How do I quickly end a document in Word?

Try these handy Microsoft Word navigation keyboard shortcuts the next time you want fast ways to move in your longer Word documents: Go to the end of a document: [Ctrl]+[End] Go to beginning of a document: [Ctrl]+[Home] Go to the bottom of a screen: [Ctrl]+[Page Down]

How do you Autoscroll on a Mac?

How to scroll on a Mac

  1. If you’re on a page (and your cursor is not clicked into a text box), you can also press the spacebar to scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  2. You can also accomplish this task using the arrow keys on your keyboard, using the down-arrow key to go down and the up-arrow key to go up.

How to shut down a Mac with a keyboard shortcut?

How to Shutdown, Restart, Sleep or Log Out on Mac with Keyboard shortcuts only 1 Shut down or Restart with keyboard shortcut. 2 Log out of current user account with Keyboard Shortcut. 3 Put Mac to Sleep with Keyboard shortcut. Shift + Control + Power…

How to shut down, restart or log out on Mac?

Shut down or Restart with keyboard shortcut. Power button: Press the power button to turn on the Mac or wake from sleep. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds without lifting to force your Mac to turn off. Press and hold power button for 1.5 seconds to get the turn off dialog.

How do I restart my MacBook Pro Keyboard?

Command + Control + Power Button: Press this keyboard shortcut to force restart your Mac. Command Control + Media Eject button: Press this combination to quit all apps and restart the Mac. Command + Option + Control + Power Button: Press these buttons to quickly turn off your Mac.

Are there any shortcuts to log out on a Mac?

Shortcut to Log out Mac 1 Power button: Press to turn on your Mac or wake it from sleep. 2 Option–Command–Power button* or Option–Command–Media Eject : Put your Mac to sleep. 3 Control–Shift–Power button* or Control–Shift–Media Eject : Put your displays to sleep. See More….

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