How do I become a citizen of Hutt River?

How do I become a citizen of Hutt River?

The following persons shall be deemed to be citizens of the Hutt River Province Principality: (I) those who are resident citizens of the Hutt River Province Principality when this act comes into force; (2) the child of a Hutt River citizen shall become a Hutt River citizen by birth; (3) a child of unknown parents found …

Does Hutt River still exist?

The Principality of Hutt River, often referred to by its former name, the Hutt River Province, was a micronation in Australia. The principality claimed to be an independent sovereign state, founded on 21 April 1970. It was dissolved on 3 August 2020.

How many micronations are in Australia?

During research for an upcoming book on micronations, I have identified at least 135 around the world. Australia has a particular reputation for this phenomenon. Some estimates suggest a third of all micronations are located in Australia.

Can you visit Hutt river?

Visitors could buy and spend the Hutt River dollar, which was traded one-to-one for the Australian dollar. Other attractions included a non-denominational chapel and Princess Shirley’s Sacred Educational Shrine.

Why was Hutt Province dissolved?

Prince Graeme Casley confirmed the West Australian principality would be dissolved and the property sold as farmland in order to pay off a growing debt to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). He said the falling income from tourism due to COVID-19, along with the debt, were the main reasons for the dissolution.

Where is Hutt province?

of Western Australia
The area of land which is described as the “Hutt River Province” is a privately-owned wheat-growing property on the Hutt River, north of Geraldton in the State of Western Australia. It has no special status. It has no separate sovereignty and remains subject to the Australian Constitution and the laws of Australia.

Is Principality of Hutt River the smallest country?

Around 500 km north of Western Australia’s capital city of Perth lies one of the world’s smallest sovereign states — the Principality of Hutt River. With a population of 23, the tiny province is roughly the same size as Hong Kong.

Which country has the most micronations?

Born out of a desire to shrug off the shackles of the country’s constitutional democracy, Australia has been home to more than a dozen different micronations, among the most in the world, including the Sovereign State of Aeterna Lucina and the Province of Bumbunga.

Which is the smallest country in Australia?

Australia has a population of over 25.1 million people. The smallest country in Oceania is Tokelau, located in Polynesia. It spans over just 12 km² (5 mi²)….Largest Countries In Oceania 2021.

Country Australia
Area (mi²) 2,969,121 mi²
% of Earth’s Area 5.18%
Region Oceania
Subregion Australia and New Zealand

Where is the Principality of Hutt River located?

The Principality of Hutt River is situated 595 km north of Perth, Western Australia and is about 75 square km in area, consisting of some 18,500 acres of land. The Principality of Hutt River is an Independent Sovereign State having seceded from Australia on the Twenty First Day of April 1970

Who is the current Prince of Hutt River?

In January 2017, Prince Leonard announced that, after ruling for 45 years, he would be stepping down as prince, to be succeeded by his youngest son, Prince Graeme. With a number of potential sons and daughters, the successor was nominated by the Prince and approved by a crown committee.

When did the Principality of Hutt River declare war on Australia?

On 2 December 1977 the principality declared war on Australia. Prince Leonard notified authorities of the cessation of hostilities several days later. It may be more than coincidence that this declaration of war came in just a few months after a court decision where Casley was fined for failing to furnish the ATO with certain documents.

Who was the founder of Hutt River WA?

Hutt River was founded on 21 April 1970 by farmer Leonard George Casley (Prince Leonard I) when he and his associates proclaimed their secession from the state of Western Australia.

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