What Silafont 36?

What Silafont 36?

Silafont®-36 [ AlSi10MnMg ] High pressure die casting alloy with excellent castability, very good elongation in as-cast state, maximum elongation after heat treatment. Very good corrosion resistance, good polishability, very good machinability, very good weldability.

What is Silafont?

Silafont®-36 (AlSi9MgMn) was the first successful application of a low iron die-casting alloy for the automotive market. Mechanical properties as a function of magnesium were shown with focus on very low magnesium content, which resulted in an alloy without any long-term aging behaviour.

What are the mechanical properties of silafont-38?

Casting alloy with very high mechanical properties after T6 treatment including a air queching for reduced distorsion. Very high yield strenght combined with high values of elongation for crash relevant structural die castings. Silafont-38 substitutes sheet designs in vehicle design and offers high cost and weight reduction.

How is silafont used in the casting process?

Silafont ® – an infinite wealth of properties A family of materials which can be adapted to the parts to be produced and the customer’s individual production process with ultimate precision. Can be processed using any casting procedure, outstanding flow properties, can be modified with sodium or strontium to further enhance properties.

Why are silafont alloys used in car design?

Silafont-38 substitutes sheet designs in vehicle design and offers high cost and weight reduction. Cars, automotive engineering. Parts which are subject to high strength loads at high temperatures. Very high ultimate tensile strength, yield tensile strength and hardness values are achieved through full artificial ageing.

Which is silafont alloy has the best ductility?

Silafont-20 dv offers particularly good ductility properties. Fittings, cars, lighting, heavy casting, domestic appliances, air conditioning, automotive engineering, manufacture of engines, art casting, foodstuffs industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, textile industry, defence engineering.

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