Which decoders are XtraView capable?

Which decoders are XtraView capable?


  • When linking 2 decoders you can use a combination of 11 series single view decoders, DStv HD Decoder, SD PVR, HD PVRs (all models) and the DStv Explora.
  • When linking 3 decoders you can use a combination of the DStv Explora and the DStv HD Decoder.

How do I activate XtraView on DStv?

If everything is working fine then call Multichoice on 011 289 2222 (South Africa only) to activate your DStv extra view. Otherwise, call the nearest DStv agent in your country to activate your extra view. If you need technical help in setting up your extra view then contact our accredited installers.

How do I fix DStv extra view?


  1. Re check cable from the primary decoder – Check / try restarting your decoder.
  2. Check extra view port settings in the decoder settings.
  3. Check if heart beat is being received in the primary decoder settings.
  4. check and see if the pairing of the decoders is the same, to work on triple and extra view.

What is the difference between dual view and extra view?

What makes XtraView different from the Dual View system? Using the Dual View decoder subscribers were able to watch 2 different channels in 2 different rooms using a single decoder. This solution works off two separate decoders. The subscription model however remains the same.

How much is access fee for XtraView?

XtraView gives you the ultimate flexibility and allows you to link two or three decoders under the same subscription. This lets you cater for everyone in your family. What’s more – you still only pay one subscription (with an R85 Access Fee for each XtraView decoder).

How do I activate my extra view?

On your remote, click the “Help” button and scroll to the “General Information” option. Click on it and select the “Extra View” option.

How do I set up extra view on my smart LNB?

Using a coaxial cable, connect all decoders and run them to the smart LNB. If the decoders in your extra view connection are new models, use the uni-cable port to connect to the smart LNB. Once connected, both decoders will begin receiving a signal, and you can proceed to the installation wizard.

Where can I take my DStv decoder for testing?

Conversation. May we suggest you bring the decoder in for testing at your nearest MultiChoice service centre or DStv agency.

What is a dual view decoder?

A dual view decoder is a convenient way for Multichoice to link more decoders to your account. You can use more decoders around your house and connect them to different TVs. All this without buying a new DStv subscription for each of them.

What kind of decoder do I need for Xtraview?

When linking 3 decoders you can use a combination of the DStv Explora and the DStv HD Decoder. The primary decoder when linking 3 together MUST be a DStv Explora. We recommend the use of a DStv Accredited Installer for all XtraView installations.

Can you have DStv Compact and Xtraview at same time?

When linking decoders in XtraView, you cannot have different packages on the different decoders. Example : You cannot subscribe to DStv Premium on the one decoder and have DStv Compact on the other one. When linking decoders in XtraView, the channels available on the linked decoders are the same.

Can a DSTV Explora be added to another decoder?

Yes, your DStv Explora can be added to another one or two decoders in XtraView. Please chat to your local DStv Accredited Installer for more information on available decoder combinations and any changes that may be required to your installation. Please note, there is a second monthly Access Fee required when linking three decoders in XtraView.

Why does Xtraview not work with SD PVR?

If linking the SD PVR in XtraView, this decoder cannot be the primary decoder. When linked in XtraView, the secondary decoder (s) will NOT work if the primary decoder is removed or switched off, or if the heartbeat is no longer received for any reason (the heartbeat can also be impacted by interference or cabling errors).

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