How do I add a axis camera to my network?

How do I add a axis camera to my network?

Configuring an Axis Camera

  1. Connect the camera. Connect the Axis camera to the computer using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Configure computer IP address. Set your computer’s IP address to 192.168.
  3. Launch the Setup Axis Camera Tool.
  4. Setup the Camera.
  5. Manual Camera Configuration.
  6. Setup Page.
  7. Configure Users.
  8. Configure Image Settings.

How do I reset my Axis IP camera to default?

Resetting to the Factory Default Settings using the control button:

  1. Disconnect the power cable or PoE injector of the camera.
  2. Press and hold the ‘Control’ button on the camera while reapplying power.
  3. Keep the ‘Control’ button pressed until the ‘Status’ indicator color of the camera changes to amber.

What is Axis camera default IP?

The default IP address for the Axis cameras and video encoders is 192.168. 0.90.

How do I set up my axis camera?

What does a firmware mean for Axis Communications?

Product software, referred to as firmware, is software that determines the functionality of the Axis product. When you download firmware from the Axis website, your Axis product will receive the latest available functionality. If you haven’t already registered to download, please register here.

What kind of software does axis camera station use?

AXIS Camera Station is IP-Surveillance software that works with Axis network cameras and video encoders to provide video monitoring, recording and event management functionalities. AXIS Camera Station.

What is the purpose of Axis Device Manager extend?

AXIS Device Manager Extend is a software application which provides a user-friendly interface for discovering, monitoring and operating Axis devices, suited for multisite environments. It offers instant awareness of all your Axis device inventory on all your sites, from anywhere.

What is the Axis companion IP video system?

AXIS Companion AXIS Companion is an entry-level IP video solution for small installations up to 16 cameras. Video is recorded in the cameras, which makes the system easy to install and manage, even for the casual user.

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