How do I contact Western health?

How do I contact Western health?

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  1. 128 Francis Street, Richmond NSW 2753.
  2. Call Us Now at. (02) 4578 4788.
  3. Email Us at. [email protected].
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Where is the new Footscray Hospital going to be built?

The new Footscray Hospital will replace the existing Footscray Hospital located at 160 Gordon Street in Footscray.

What is going to happen to old Footscray Hospital?

Following relocation to the new site (corner of Ballarat and Geelong Roads), the current Footscray Hospital on Gordon Street will be decommissioned. Relocation of services to the new Footscray Hospital will occur once the new facility is complete (scheduled to occur in 2025).

How many beds does Footscray Hospital have?

Footscray Hospital/Number of beds

How many hospitals are in Dubbo?

Dubbo Base Hospital is located in Dubbo the hospital has 160 beds avaliable….Public WiFi.

Address Myall St, Dubbo NSW 2830
Phone 02 6809 6809
Fax 02 6809 7960
Website Visit Website

Who is Western health?

Western Health Alliance Limited, trading as the Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN), is one of 31 Primary Health Networks across Australia, established to support frontline health services and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of primary health care.

Who is building Footscray hospital?

The design team is led by Cox Architecture and Billard Leece Partnership. The public private partnership model for the new Footscray Hospital is a design, build, finance and maintain model over 25 years.

How old is Footscray hospital?

Footscray Hospital was opened in 1953 as Footscray and District Hospital, with 213 beds and the first hospital in the state to be fully air-conditioned.

Who owns Dubbo private hospital?

Healthe Care Australia
Dubbo Private Hospital is operated by Healthe Care Australia. Healthe Care is the third largest private hospital operator in Australia and one of the country’s largest privately-owned health care organisations.

Who built Dubbo hospital?

James Barnet
The building, designed by James Barnet and retaining the original posts from the first Dubbo courthouse (1852-59), was commissioned in 1884 but, due to the builder’s bankruptcy, wasn’t completed until 1887.

What are the values of Austin health?

Values. Our actions show we care – We are inclusive and considerate. We appreciate one another, always listening and interacting with compassion. Together we achieve – Our culture of collaboration means we work openly with our people, our community and beyond to achieve great outcomes.

Where is the emergency room at Footscray Hospital?

Location: The Emergency entrance is on Eleanor St, Footscray. There is a drop off zone near the entrance to emergency at Footscray Hospital. There is a strict 10 minute time limit in this zone. The Department of Emergency Medicine at Footscray Hospital has an annual census of 40,000 adult patients.

What are the new rules for Western Health?

Western Health has implemented new rules for visitors at all of our sites, with the aim of minimising the risk of coronavirus for all of our patients and staff. Western Health hopes to make your stay in hospital as comfortable as possible.

When is the stall at Footscray Hospital Open?

Stalls are held on the ground floor on the first Thursday of every month selling home made items, hand knitted rugs/ children’s clothes and socks. There are many transport and parking options ​at Footscray Hospital.

How to get in touch with Western Health?

Media queries should be directed to Public Affairs. Call the Western Health switchboard on (03) 8345 6666. Refer to our feedback page to let us know about your experience. You can take tell us about your experience, make suggestions on how to improve our service, share a compliment about our staff and services, or make a complaint

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