What are Oakley jawbreakers used for?

What are Oakley jawbreakers used for?

Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses are straight up mean-looking with their aggressive lines and tough, O Matter frame. With a taller and wider lens, Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses provide extended upper peripheral vision that is optimized for cycling and versatile for any sport.

Can you run in Oakley Jawbreakers?

Testing The Jawbreaker I have been riding in the Oakley Jawbreaker for a while so to test them properly I switched to some Oakley Fast Jacket sunglasses. These sunglasses are very popular with triathletes because they work just great for running. And for riding they are pretty decent.

Are Oakley jawbreakers good for cycling?

Oakley’s Jawbreaker Prizm Road sunglasses are, for the most part, an excellent pair of shades for road cycling. The optics are crystal clear with no distortion and the Prizm tint clarifies road surface as well as provide the basic UV protection and shade for your eyes.

Are Oakley Jawbreaker lenses interchangeable?

This interchanging lens technology was engineered to allow hassle-free vision optimization in any setting you encounter. Adapt to the many weather and lighting conditions you may face with the ability to easily swap out your Oakley Jawbreaker lenses .

Are Oakley jawbreakers Polarised?

Oakley Jawbreaker Polished White w/Grey Polarized Lens.

How good are Oakley Photochromic lenses?

Are Oakley Photochromic Lenses Good for Your Eyes? Yes, they help protect your eyes from overexposure to damaging UV rays. Weather conditions can change any time; Oakley photochromic lenses will protect your eyes with the convenience of a single pair of frames.

What are the best Oakley lenses for running?

1. Oakley Radar EV Path. If you’re a serious runner (or a serious connoisseur of running gear), go for these Oakley Radar EV Path sunglasses. The shades use Prizm polarized lenses that protect against all UVs, enhance colors and greatly reduce glare.

Is Oakley Prizm road worth it?

The Oakley PRIZM Road is one of the most expensive pairs of sunglasses we tested. That high price is definitely worth it if you’re looking for specific road cycling performance, but models like the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL are much cheaper and are suitable for a wider range of activities.

What is the best Oakley Prizm lens for cycling?

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm glasses Our highest-rated pair of Oakley sunglasses for cyclists, we found the Jawbreaker to offer crystal-clear optics. Its distortion-free Prizm lens and road-specific tint clarifies road surface while its 53mm tall lens gives unobstructed visibility, even when riding in the drops.

How do you clean Oakley Jawbreaker lenses?

Use a cloth dampened with mild soap and water to gently scrub away dirt. A mild lanolin-based product may also be used for cleaning and conditioning. Silicone finish can be applied as needed. Do not machine wash or machine dry.

How much are Oakley Jawbreaker lenses?

Item Type

Specific Price
Item Type: Prizm Daily Polarized $160.00 Sold Out
Item Type: Prizm Grey $89.99 In Stock – Ships immediately
Item Type: Prizm Grey Polarized $149.99 In Stock – Ships immediately
Item Type: Prizm Jade $99.99 In Stock – Ships immediately

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