What does cassava mean in a Long Way Gone?

What does cassava mean in a Long Way Gone?

Cassava. A tropical plant having edible starchy roots.

What is a kafo in Africa?

An authentic African mask named “Kafo” which is a Hausa word that translates to “Horn” in the English language. It is a unique African Mask depicting a member of the Hausa ethnic group with horns emanating from his head to symbolize a “Person of Power”.

What does kafo mean in Roots?

kafo. An age designation in five-year groups among the Mandinka. Kintango. the man in charge of manhood training for the Mandinka. linguistics.

What is a Leweh?

Definition of leweh in the Malay dictionary obscene Kl 1. negligent, default; 2. boast, arrogant; mumbling takes place. cuai, lalai; 2.

What is a Wahlee in A Long Way Gone?

Wahlee. (n) A place outside villages where people processed coffee or other crops (p. 98)

What are sleepers in A Long Way Gone?

In A Long Way Gone, “sleepers” refers to the type of thonged sandals known as “flip-flops.” While Beah and his companions are…

What does Hkafo stand for?

General Description. The term HKAFO is an acronym that stands for hip-knee-ankle-foot-orthosis and describes the part of the body that this device encompasses. This device is basically a KAFO with the addition of a hip joint and pelvic section.

What is kafo medical term?

Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis (KAFO)

Who needs a KAFO?

Stance control. Clinical indications for a KAFO include instability of the knee and ankle, quadriceps weakness or absence, hyperextension of the knee, varus or valgus deformity correction in children, and paralysis of one or both legs.

What is KAFO used for?

KAFOs are provided to compensate for muscle weakness, paralysis or skeletal problems which cause lower limb instability. The KAFO aims to make standing and walking easier by: Controlling joint instability. Preventing excessive joint motion.

What is Palampo?

a quilt or bed-cover.

What is a sackie Thomboi?

Term. Sackie thomboi. Definition. Cassava leaves with chicken (pg.181) Term.

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