What episode is KITT vs Goliath?

What episode is KITT vs Goliath?

“Knight Rider” Goliath: Part 1 (TV Episode 1983) – IMDb.

What happened to Goliath from Knight Rider?

Goliath charges K.I.T.T. After a trail of bribes by Elizabeth Knight (widow to Wilton Knight and mother to Garthe), Garthe was pardoned from three consecutive life sentences in a third-world African country.

Who played Garthe Knight?

David Hasselhoff
Garthe Knight

Knight Rider Character
Garthe Knight
Actor David Hasselhoff
Real Name Garthe Knight

Where is the Knight Rider truck?

A 1984 GMC General that was used in production of the 1980s television series ‘Knight Rider,’ where it was found on an Idaho farm in 2019. Joe Huth, of Butler County, owns the tractor with fellow Knight Rider historian AJ Palmgren, of Iowa. The 1984 General as it appeared on ‘Knight Rider’ in Los Angeles in 1985.

Why was Bonnie replaced with April?

After Bonnie Barstow left The Foundation in 1983 to pursue graduate studies. April replaced her during that time.

What truck was Goliath in Knight Rider?

Goliath is an armored truck built by Garthe Knight to destroy Michael and KITT. Goliath appears in two episodes: “Goliath” (1983) and “Goliath Returns” (1984). It is similar to a Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker.

What truck is Goliath?

Based on the 2019 / 2020 Chevrolet Silverado truck, the GOLIATH 6X6 takes the already very capable Chevy 4X4 truck and elevates its off-road capabilities to another level.

How did Michael Long become Michael Knight?

He is betrayed by Tanya, shot in the face, and left for dead in the desert. Unbenkownst to her, he has a metal plate in his head from an injury in the Vietnam War, and he survives. He is declared dead to the public, and the Foundation for Law and Government gives him a new face, identity and life as Michael Knight.

How many episodes of Knight Rider are there?

Knight Rider/Number of episodes

Who drove the truck in Knight Rider?

Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT)

Knight Industries Two Thousand
Created by Glen A. Larson
Portrayed by 1982 Pontiac Trans Am
Voiced by William Daniels
Nickname KITT

What happens in the Knight Rider episode Goliath?

Adrienne St. Clair has rebuilt Goliath and springs Garthe Knight out of prison. Next they kidnap Devon and April from Foundation HQ in order to lure Michael and Kitt into a trap. Adrienne wants to install Kitt’s CPU into Goliath, but Garthe is only interested in getting revenge o…

Who was Wilton Knight’s son in Goliath Part 1?

Goliath: Part 1. Wilton Knight’s estranged son Garthe has returned from Africa where he had been sentenced to three lifetime imprisonments. Together with his mother Elizabeth (Wilton’s fourth wife) he

Are there any episodes of Knight Rider where the car is damaged?

Other episodes where the car is damaged include KNIGHT OF THE DRONES, JUNK YARD DOG and KNIGHT OF THE JUGGERNAUT. For those interested in the Knight family tree, this episode introduces Garthe (Wilton’s son) and Elizabeth Knight (Wilton’s ex-wife).

Who was Michael Knight in the movie Knight Rider?

A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the powerless, the helpless in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

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