What is the payout on Texas Two Step?

What is the payout on Texas Two Step?

Texas Two Step Winning Details

Number Correct Prize Amount Winners
4 of 4 w/Bonus $350,000 1
4 of 4 $2,293 7
3 of 4 w/Bonus $40 49
3 of 4 $20 1,303

What are the odds of winning the Texas Two Step lottery?

1 in 32.4
The odds of winning a prize from Texas Two Step: 1 in 32.4. Drawings are conducted at 10:12 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays. Players win by matching all four white ball numbers and the bonus ball. The Texas Lottery began in 1992.

How many numbers do you need to win Texas Lotto?

There are four ways to win a Lotto Texas prize. If you match 3 of the 6 numbers, you win $3, the games’s lowest prize. If you match 4 of the 6 numbers, you win $50. As for the top prizes, matching 5 of the 6 numbers wins you $2,000 and a perfect 6 for 6 wins you the jackpot of $5,000,000 plus!

What is the highest Texas Two Step jackpot?

Texas Two Step Jackpot Statistics

Largest jackpot $2.9 Million
Average jackpot $416,768
Largest increase $425,000
Occurred on March 15, 2021
Smallest increase $25,000

How many combinations are there in Texas two step?

Combinations In the Texas Two Step, there are a total of 1,832,600 combinations. Winners Of these, there are 56,610 winning combinations. This represents 3.09% of the combinations. The overall odds of having a winning combination is 32.37 to 1 (the lower the better).

How many numbers do you need to win all or nothing?

by matching all twelve (12) numbers drawn or by matching none of the numbers drawn – All or Nothing! Winning ticket sold in Houston on 09/22/2021!

How many numbers do you need to win the Lotto?

To win Division 1 in Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto, your entry needs to match all 6 winning numbers in a single game panel. However you can win a prize with as little as 1 or 2 winning numbers plus 2 supplementary numbers in a single game.

What is the easiest Texas Lottery to win?

Which Texas Lottery Game Has the Best Odds of Winning?

  • Scratch Off – 1 in 3.5.
  • All or Nothing – 1 in 4.5.
  • Cash 5 – 1 in 7.2.
  • Lotto Texas with Extra – 1 in 7.9.
  • Mega Millions – 1 in 24.
  • Powerball – 1 in 24.9.
  • Texas Two Step – 1 in 32.4.
  • Daily 4 – 1 in 56.

How to play the Texas two step lottery?

Get a Texas Two Step playslip from your favorite Texas Lottery® retailer or use the Texas Lottery® App to create a Texas Two Step play. Select four (4) numbers from 1 to 35 in the upper play area and select one (1) Bonus Ball number from 1 to 35 in the lower play area of the playboard or mark the “QP” box and the terminal will select your numbers.

When do they draw the numbers for the Texas Lottery?

Players select four numbers from 1 to 35 and one Bonus Ball number between 1 and 35 or choose the Quick Pick option. The more numbers players match, the more they win. Drawings are held every Monday and Thursday at 10:12 PM CT.

Where can I Claim my Texas Two Step prize?

If you bought your Texas Two Step ticket in person, prizes up to $599 are redeemable from any Texas State lottery retailer. Prizes up to $2,500,000 can be claimed at the closest claim center near you or you can fill out a claim online and have your prize mailed to you.

When did the Texas two step game start?

Texas Two Step 4/35 + 1/35 started on May 18, 2001 and has not changed its format since the beginning. To play this pick-4 + pick-1 Powerball type game, choose 4 numbers from 1-35 and another number from 1-35. Drawings are held twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

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