How much does JJ Keller Encompass cost?

How much does JJ Keller Encompass cost?

ELDs are $249 each. (A monthly service fee is also required for the Encompass® online fleet management system.

What is Jj keller Encompass?

Keller® Encompass® Fleet Management System. The industry’s most comprehensive fleet compliance solution for driver and vehicle compliance and performance tracking. Productivity – Automate your workflow for driver qualification, hours of service, recruiting, vehicle maintenance, accident tracking and more. …

What is the cheapest eld?

Top 3 ELD Devices

Get quotes today Get quotes today Get quotes today
$20 per month $250 upfront $99 upfront + $30/month
5.0 5.0 5.0
A good, cheap, all-round solution No ongoing costs Great variety of features

What is encompass eld?

ENCOMPASS® ELD MOBILE APP Our patented ELD mandate-compliant solution electronically captures hours-of-service duty status information, replacing the driver’s paper logbook. It’s an ELD that works with class 1-8 vehicles and offers fleets the flexibility of using iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ devices, and the J. J.

What year truck does not need ELD?

In addition, vehicles manufactured before 2000 are exempt from the ELD mandate. To clarify, pre-2000 refers to the engine model year, not the vehicle model year. So, if a 2000 model-year vehicle has a 1999 engine, there is no need to comply with the ELD rule.

How much does blue ink tech cost?

Blue Ink charges $295 for its standard BIT ELD. Added cables and adapters cost an average of $39 per. The premium software costs $30. Blue Ink offers fleet tracking with GPS, IFTA fuel reporting, vehicle diagnostics, and HOS logs with its ELD.

How much is an electronic logbook?

Why Prices Have Dropped for ELDs As of today, the average price of an ELD is about $495 per truck according to the FMCSA, with a range of $165 to $832 per truck annually. This makes ELDs much less of a cost factor than other expenses such as fuel, tractor-trailer equipment, permitting costs, and liability insurance.

Does ELD require Internet?

A5. While the local Bluetooth requires the use of web services, local Bluetooth data transfer only requires the safety official to have internet connectivity and not the ELD. The driver’s/motor carrier’s ELD will use the safety official’s internet connection to transfer data.

How does encompass work with JJ Keller ELDs?

With Encompass, you can manage all aspects of driver and unit compliance, plus automate your workflow for driver qualification, hours of service, hiring and much more. When paired with J. J. Keller ELDs, Encompass monitors engine data to help you improve driver and vehicle performance.

When did j.j.keller E-log come out?

In 2010, J.J. Keller introduced the E-Log system as an affordable logging application aimed at fleets. Although there were certain issues with the E-Log application at first, all the problems are addressed so that this device can now be used without a hitch. What is J J Keller Elog and Which Other J. J. Keller Options are Available with It?

How does j.j.keller ELOG work for fleets?

Fleets can access the electronic logging device data of their drivers through the Encompass online portal. J. Keller Elog is also designed as a flexible electronic log solution. It can be used with the E-Log app, which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The JJ Keller Mobile app is supposed to make compliance easier.

Is the E-log an add on to encompass?

The e-log is a device that was created as an optional add-on to Encompass, a compliance system that is offered by JJ Keller. People who use the e-log system automatically become part of Encompass. Encompass was designed to be a straightforward, affordable, and versatile electronic logging system.

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