What is easy camping at the Gorge?

What is easy camping at the Gorge?

Easy Camping FAQ What comes with my Easy Camping site? 1 Gorge-branded tent for 2 people, 2 Single Size Air Mattresses, and 2 Gorge-branded Sleeping Bags. You can take your tent and everything in it home with you!

How much is gold camping at the Gorge?

Gold Camping: $360.00 > 20’x50′ (2) 2-4 person tent + shade awning & 1 vehicle. Premier Camping: $215.00 > 18’x35′ (2) 2-4 person tent + 1 vehicle. Standard Camping: $119.50 > 15’x25′ single tent + 1 vehicle.

Are there showers at the Gorge?

You’ll find showers at the Gorge, so pack shower shoes and towels. Depending on where you stay, these may cost up to $3 per shower. The three camping options that determine shower prices are Standard/General, which is 15′ x 25′ and will fit a vehicle and a single tent.

Is there food at the Gorge Amphitheater?

Gorge Amphitheatre Food Vendors & Concessions Guests to The Gorge have reported that there are several delicious food options, although they are pricey.

What is gold RV camping at the Gorge?

Gold is steps from the Cave B entry which is your path to river to cool off during the day. I loved it. They call GA the ‘Thunderdome’ where ‘no one sleeps’ if that sounds like your speed go for it. Just trying to help those who wanted Gold as it was sold out yesterday.

How much do the showers cost at the Gorge?

Are there showers – how much does it cost? Hot & cold showers are available. For Regular camping the showers can be found at the “Pivot” and there will be a $3.00 charge. In Premier and Terraces Camping showers are provided free of charge.

Are dogs allowed at the Gorge camping?

Dogs of all sizes are allowed for no additional pet fee. Dogs must be under owner’s control at all times, and be leashed and cleaned up after. The camping and tent areas also allow dogs. There is a dog walk area at the campground.

Are pets allowed at the Gorge Amphitheater?

No. Do not bring any pet whatsoever, not because we don’t like them – we are all animal lovers here – but it is cruel and unfair to the pet to leave it alone in the campground or parking lot, locked up or in a car or tent where it may suffer from extreme heat. You may be subject to prosecution for cruelty to animals.

Can I bring a blanket to the gorge?

Gorge Amphitheatre Seating The Gorge has lawn-style seating, which either means metal folding chairs or the floor pit area depending on the type of seating purchased. You can bring your own beach chair if you’d rather not pay for the folding chairs on the lawn, or blankets for the picnic area at the top of the hill.

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