What are barge boards made from?

What are barge boards made from?

Bargeboards can be manufactured in a wide range of materials, including: Metal. Timber. Plastic.

What is the difference between fascia and barge boards?

Bargeboards and fascia boards are essentially the same thing. They are both long, straight boards that run along the lower edge of the roof. However, fascia boards run horizontally, carry the gutters and support the bottom row of roof tiles. Bargeboards run diagonally and are located at the gable end of a property.

How thick is a barge board?

Bargeboards are essentially the same as Fascia boards, most houses will use exactly the same boards for both areas. However, they can sometimes be more decorative than Fascias. These are supplied in 5 metre lengths. Unlike fascia boards which have a L shaped profile these boards are flat and approx 18mm thick.

What is the purpose of a barge board?

Bargeboard (probably from Medieval Latin bargus, or barcus, a scaffold, and not from the now obsolete synonym “vergeboard”) is a board fastened to the projecting gables of a roof to give them strength, protection, and to conceal the otherwise exposed end of the horizontal timbers or purlins of the roof to which they …

What type of wood is used for barge boards?

Timber: Popular hardwood and softwood timber species for fascia board are western red cedar European oak, Utile, Iroko, Douglas fir, Larch and Accoya. The latter is an extremely durable sustainable option. All types can be available FSC certified and suitable for domestic applications.

What is the best timber for fascia boards?

What paint do you use on a barge board?

Oil-based paints provide a protective barrier and are often used on boats, timber surfaces on the home’s exterior, such as window frame, fascia boards, barge boards and the like, where protection against the elements is a prime concern.

What kind of barge board to use for roofing?

Eternit Fibre Cement Plain Barge Boar… The plain barge board can be fixed to the roof’s gables and is available in three different lengths and various colours to match the Profile 6 range from Eternit.

How big is an eternit roof barge board?

Available in a length of 1800, 2440 or 3000mm the board is also available in the same 12 colours as Eternit’s roof sheets to allow you to maintain your roofs aesthetics. Improves the aesthetic of your building whilst protecting any exposed materials from wind, rain, and unwanted elements

Where is the best place to place a bargeboard?

Bargeboards should be positioned so that their lap is directly below the end lap of the sheeting, with the top end of each bargeboard close to the tail end of the sheet in the course above. For guidance, refer to Eternit’s installation guide above.

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