Where is Wonki Ware from?

Where is Wonki Ware from?

South Africa
Wonki Ware is truly authentic and unique, a home-grown brand originating in the Garden Route of South Africa – perfectly imperfect in paradise!

Can Wonki Ware go in the oven?

Can I place Wonki Ware in the oven? Most pottery products are able to withstand high temperatures (e.g. ovens and dishwashers). However, pottery does not endure “freezer to flame” or visa versa so Wonki Ware should not be placed directly into a hot oven.

Can you microwave Wonki Ware?

Quality stoneware finished with non-toxic and lead-free glazes fired at 1300 degrees Celsius gives Wonki Ware its lightweight yet durable, microwave and dishwasher safe quality.

Who started Wonki Ware?

At around the same time, a young Xhosa man named Artwell started arriving every morning looking for work. I was not generating much income at that stage to be able to pay him, but he was willing to do anything.

Where is Wonki Ware located in South Africa?

The brainchild of designer Di Marshall, the company was formed in the small town of George along the Garden Route in South Africa over a decade ago. The small studio in the town centre quickly developed into a meeting place for local potters and creative individuals. Wonki Ware now employs 40 people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Are there two pieces of Wonki Ware the same?

Handmade – no two pieces are ever the same! Each item is totally hand made making each piece a little work of art!

How many people are employed by Wonki Ware?

Wonki Ware now employs 40 people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The company’s skilled employees are all valuable, contributing members in their communities with a passion for pottery. The vibrant, warm spirit of Africa is clearly visible in each traditional piece of handcrafted Wonki Ware pottery.

Who is Wonki Ware in the Conran Shop?

The Conran Shop hosts a selection of exclusive Wonki Ware designs as part of its crockery collection, perfect for bringing a unique touch to your dining space. Exclusive to The Conran Shop, this collection of glazed crockery is decorated in a white hue with a subtle organic sand finish and is created by South African ceramicist Wonki Ware.

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